Ultimate Fighter Brazil Episode 3 Results And Recap

via cdn2.sbnation.com

The third episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil is in the books and Team Vitor has built on its lead over Team Wanderlei. Coach Vitor Belfort has the momentum with a win at his back and he choose Daniel Sarafian to face Team Wanderlei's Renee Forte.

That proved to be a fortuitous choice as Sarafian had little trouble handling Forte. Fight blog after the jump.

UFC.com details the drama in the episode:

In the house, Pé de Chumbo, one of the most experienced men in the competition, brings up the subject of being serious from now on. According to him, the ideal is to regulate the routine more and separate the teams in the rooms as well, since the teams are already defined. This decision divides opinions.

Without letting him pass unnoticed, here comes Gasparzinho, "the most discreet athlete of the house," who is still doing pranks with both teams. Some of the jokes were not well accepted, and even teammate Rodrigo Damm told him about the thin line between pranks and lack of respect.

The differences of the teams are not only in the color of their jerseys, but also in their pre-fight approach: Team Vítor relied on faith, while Team Wanderlei stepped on the gas when it came to fooling around. In addition, a special visit from the heavyweight champion, Junior "Cigano" dos Santos, gave a special excitement to both teams before the moment of truth.

Blow-by-blow of Sarafian vs. Forte after the jump.

Fight blog by Matt Erickson:

Daniel Sarafian (7-2) vs. Renee Forte (7-1)

Round 1: Brittney Palmer introduces the first round, and then referee Mario Yamasaki gets things going. We open with jabs and kicks. Forte pushes the fight to the fence, but Sarafian winds up on top after a scramble that sees both fighters hit the floor. He works out of half guard, looking to do some damage with ground-and-pound. Forte scrambles to his feet after a minute on the ground, and Sarafian nearly lands a nice knee. He keeps the clinch on for a moment, looking for Muay Thai knees. But eventually they break. Sarafian lands a nice jab that backs Forte up, then a nice kick and a knee. Forte again looks to take the fight to the cage. Sarafian looks for the Thai plum, but it's not there. But he lands a decent trip takedown that he can't do much with. Back on the feet, the two exchange jabs and kicks, with Sarafian getting the better of them. With 15 seconds left in the round, he lands another nice takedown and finishes the round on top. It's a pretty clear 10-9 round for Sarafian, at least on the HeavyMMA card.

Round 2: Ahhh, more Brittney. Forte takes the center and fakes a kick. He jabs and backs Sarafian up. Good kick from Sarafian to the outside of Forte's lead leg, which he attacked in the first round, as well. Then a high kick to the ribs lands, and Sarafian takes Forte down and looks for a choke. Forte gets up, but Sarafian lands a nice knee, then puts Forte on his back yet again. He looks to pass from half guard, and then slickly takes Forte's back and sinks in a rear naked choke. It's tight, and Forte taps pretty quickly.

Result: Daniel Sarafian def. Renee Forte, submission (rear naked choke), Round 2

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