#RallyForMarkHunt: Cooler than Joe Rogan (Day 6 and beyond)

Despite promises that the third day post would be the last, the #Rally won't end until Dana White announces JDS' opponent. I hope the mods can live with us spamming the FanPost section as long as it's only one post at a time.

Anyway, this thing keeps growing. Around 50 fighters (to the best of my knowledge) have shown their support while MMA personalities like Joe Rogan and Bas Rutten have joined the rally. Whatever happens, we need to keep track of everyone who's on the bandwagon. It's a great morale booster and it'll be fun to one day look back on the twitter havoc we've wreaked.

I have gone through every comment on the three previous threads and compiled a list of fighters and MMA personalities who are in support. I'll post the names in the first comments - please add to the list every time someone retweets or shows their support in another way.

Also, don't forget to listen to Mark Hunt on the MMA Hour coming up in 15 short minutes.


BE members Fighters MMA Personalities Celebs Deities
mountaineers101 James Krause Derek Suboticki Everlast Mark Hunt
kreally Lloyd Woodard Bas Rutten
wonderfulspam Duane Ludwig Matthew Roth
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John Wayne Parr UFC Australia
brad23 Ian McCall Bauzen
Chad Raynard Bobby Lashley Jordan Breen
Jeremy Couturier Phil Baroni Michael Schiavello
Snatchl Tom Lawlor Crooklyn
Our Bovine Public Ben Saunders Fighters Only Mag
Body Triangle Stephan Bonnar Matt Bishop
ChillMike James Te Huna LayzieTheSavage
IRodC James Lee Seanbaby
sklart Eddie Yagin Sean Wheelock
clayguidashair Mike Brown Natasha Wicks
esquilinho Cole Miller Joe Rogan
Moiso13 Jeff Hougland Affliction
the jewish conquistador Mike Ciesnolevicz Throwdown
Iwasfn47 Pat Healy Ariel Helwani
ScorecardOTN Brian Ebersole MMA Elite
Johnathan Willis Brad Pickett
Zachary Kater Bart Palaszewski
RobtWeaver Yves Edwards
halitosis Aaron Simpson
T.C. Engel Din Thomas
Andy Anderson Rafaello Oliveira
Scott Whitaker Soa Palelei
Krimson Big Nog
SSReporters Erik Koch
Getting some Bas Jason Young
DirtyML Jay Hieron
Robert Cowan Michele Gutierrez
ludakrish Amir Sadollah
tomvale13 Wanderlei Silva
discoandherpes Michael Bisping
Norreshizzle Ben Henderson
sun yue Dominique Robinson
Josh Hall Thiago Alves
lanky6 Evan Thompson
Murmelmannen Dominick Cruz
Psychic Octopus James Thompson
RashadsLeftNipple Jocelyn & Jillian Lybarger
lordrubbish Neil Grove
PDG27 Scott Jorgensen
El_Ee_Oh Kazushi Sakuraba
The Ghost of Spike Owen Tara LaRosa
Thats It For you! C.B. Dolloway
Sweet Scientist Cody McKenzie
DoBattle Vinny Magalhaes
king of the dogs Joey Beltran
Earl Montclair Ottavia Bourdain
juanchoD Tony Ferguson
the guy with the big nose
Anthony Peer
Jim America
El Pablo Diablo
Crimson King 45
Machiel Van
Eenie Meenie Einemo

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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