Fedor vs. JDS is Closer than You Think

First time poster, long-time reader. I admit to never posting because, well, I forgot my password and couldn't be bothered to find the email from SB Nation, or reset my password. Yes, I am that lazy.

This isn't really much of a fanpost so much as it is a thought, or conspiracy theory.

JDS vs. Fedor may very well be in the works as we speak. Whether it's reciprocal between Zuffa and M-1, who knows, but there are moves being made by M-1.

Grab your tinfoil hats.

My theory: Fedor'e June fight in Russia doesn't exist. It's an elaborate ruse by M-1 in an effort to show the UFC that he's ready to fight, while also making Fedor "unavailable" in the hopes of getting a little more money out of Zuffa for his services.

Consider the timeline before you call me bonkers:

-Overeem tests positive. The news breaks, I believe, on Apr. 4
-Kogan tweets that Fedor is fighting in Russia on Apr. 6, right after the news of Overeem's failed test
-Fedor is "scheduled" to fight in June, UFC 146 is on May 26, just shy of June.
-the opponent is the always game, always ready TBA (unconfirmed Bobby Lashley rumours aside)
-to my knowledge, there's no actual card announced for the event or any other rumored events
-it takes place in the Ice Palace, M-1's usual stomping grounds.

So tell me, what are the odds of Fedor having a fight at a mystery event with no card, against an unnamed opponent, the same freaking month as UFC 146. Moreover, why is this announcement timed so perfectly, Kogan's tweet coming soon enough after Overeem's test, but late enough so that the UFC has had so time to begin scrambling looking for a replacement.

And now, Dana tweets that Cain and Mir will still be fighting each other at 146, and that JDS will be fighting at UFC 146 regardless. This came after Kogan's tweet.

And before anyone mentions Hendo: from a booking perspective, JDS/Hendo is dumb as bricks. Do you honestly, truly believe that the UFC is going to risk their undefeated (in the UFC) heavyweight champion by putting him up against a light heavyweight contender, however popular? If Hendo were champ, it may be a different story, but he's not. JDS losing to Hendo would be disastrous and I highly doubt that the UFC is dumb enough to book that fight.

So, what say you? Am I nuts? Am I seeing things that aren't really there.

Well I admit, I can't help it: I WANT TO BELIEVE.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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