Super Fight League 2: Todd Duffee Vs. Neil Grove Videos, Results And Play-by-Play

Today is the 2nd event for Super Fight League, a promotion from India being spearheaded by millionaire tycoon Raj Kundra, Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, and MMA agent, Ken Pavia.

Their first event got mixed reviews, with weird crowd shots and Bob Sapp tapping to a James Thompson double leg takedown, but hey, but it did bring us an entertaining women's bout along with that oh so catchy and excellent theme song.

They seem to have a much better card this time around though, with several veterans and familiar names on the line up such as Minowaman, Alexander Shlemenko, Paul Kelly, Todd Duffee, Neil Grove.

We'll be bringing you the live video and some play-by-play of the event which starts at around 9:15 a.m. ET, so as always make Bloody Elbow your home for this one.

[UPDATE] If you missed it live, you can still catch the complete event video, along with the results and play-by-play after the jump.

Fight Card and Play by Play:

The show was a bit delayed, but when it started, the owners made their speeches, and they showed a video to introduce what a submission, TKO, and KO means. First fight on it's way:

- Paul Kelly vs. Ryan Healy: Round 1 - Both guys come in with the SFL theme as their walk out music. Paul Kelly didn't want to touch gloves with Pat Healy's brother. Combination from Kelly and Healy clinches with him. The Team Quest product lands a few dirty boxing, and now they separate. Jab from Kelly. They clinch up and more dirty boxing from Healy. He's really doing well in the clinch. Dirty boxing and knees every time they clinch and separate. Kelly is bleeding. Brief exchange, and it's more clinching. Kelly with a takedown attempt gets stuffed. More exchanges, but it always seem to end with a brief clinch battle and dirty boxing from Healy. Healy is looking more comfortable and he's slowly picking Kelly apart. Takedown from Healy, now he has the back with a few elbows before the round ends. 10-9 Ryan Healy easily.

Round 2 - Kelly is landing a few shots, but it ends on the clinch again. Healy with a takedown. Kelly uses the fence to get up, but gets taken down again. Sramble and it's Healy back on top. Kelly gets back up again and is attempting his own takedown. Healy defends well, and now he shoots for his own takedown. Healy on top in half guard, landing a few elbows. More ground and pound from Healy. Kelly gets back up, and they're still on the clinch. Kelly doesn't want this. As I type that, Kelly dives down for a guillotine, and it looks tight.... Healy pops out, and he's back on top doing good ground and pound. 10-9 Ryan Healy again.

Round 3 - Good exchange from both men. Kelly lands a head kick, but healy didn't even flinch. Healy with a takedown, and he's working to get the back. Kelly reverses and now he's on top in full guard. He has to do something big on this round. Ground and pound from kelly and now he drops on another Guillotine attempt. BAD idea, and now he's on his back with Healy throwing punches. Healy moves to side control. Kelly bucks and now they scramble. Another takedown from Healy and lands on half guard. Now side control and mount. Kelly gives up the back with the hooks in. Kelly reverses and winds up on top. Tries for an ill fated triangle, and now he's on his back AGAIN. 10-9 Healy, and that should make it 30-27 for Pat Healy's brother.

Judges unanimously score the bout for Healy. They announce it as 28-29 Blue, 27-30 Blue, and 27-30 Blue. Weird. Ryan Healy wins by Unanimous Decision.

- Chaitanya Gavali vs. Pierre Daguzan: Oh, this was the guy who fought on their first show who they announced as single, and needs a girlfriend. Nice. Pierre Daguzan defeats Chaitanya Gavali by Unanimous Decision.

Phil Baroni joked that Gavali probably got too much friend requests and date requests on facebook that he didn't have time to train. Win.

- Bharat Kandare vs. Soro Ismael. OMG. They just said Soro Ismael has the charisma of Kimbo Slice, and has the talent of Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. They also said he's been "watching MMA for a long time". Wow.

Anderson St. Kimbo just tapped to strikes. Sorry bud. Bharat Kandare wins by TKO (strikes).

- Alexander Shlemenko vs. Ikuhisa Minowa: Minowaman comes in with his trademark red Speedos, and a cape. Awesome. Finally, here's the only fight I've been looking forward to. Round 1 - Shlemenko quickly takes the center of the cage. Minowa is circling and lands a leg kick. Right hand from Minowa, and Shlemenko lands a spinning back kick. Minowa shoots and starts butt scooting. Back to their feet, and Shlemenko is landing a few shots. Another missed spinning back kick, but then lands a BIG knee that drops Minowa. Minowa attempts a leglock, and fails. They try make him get up, but Minowa couldn't. Fight is stopped. Rib Injury? He's still down and doctors are attending to him. Minowaman gets back up but he looks like he's still in a lot of pain. Alexander Shlemenko wins by TKO (injury).

Post fight, the Bellator tournament winner took the mic and said, "Hello India! Hector (Lombard), I kill you!"

- Anup Kumar vs. Dilanga Rathnaweera - Apparently, Anup Kumar is a kickboxing champ from India. They show crowd shots of the owners looking bored WHILE the fight is happening. The fighter form Sri Lanka was attempting a schoolyard headlock, and now he's mounted again. I spaced out again, and the round ended.

So this guy is apparently, already the most promising Indian fighter. He choked out the guy from Sri Lanka and danced around Bollywood style. Anup Kumar wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke).

- Ricky Sanhi vs. Shalika Senanayake - More Sri Lanka vs. India... Ricky Sanhiwins wins by TKO (Punches)

- Colleen Schneider vs. Cherie Buck - Good female fight. Colleen Scheider finished the fight after pounding her out in a crucifix position. Colleen Scheider wins by TKO (punches)

Now they're interviewing the owners who are sitting on a couch who just kept on saying he's "happy". Woman sitting next to them looks bored and is just texting. Now they're talking to the celebrities who are talking about an upcoming movie... Can we get to the fights already?

- Todd Duffee vs. Neil Grove - Finally. Duffee and Grove walking to "the O-Zone". Round 1 - Duffee with a quick takedown that gets stuffed. BIG RIGHT HAND. Grove is down, quick GnP, and it's over. Reminiscent of his sole UFC win. Todd Duffee wins by TKO (punches)

Todd Duffee talked to Baroni post-fight and gave credit to AKA for the win. He says he wants to keep active and begs SFL for another fight in the next 6 or 8 weeks.

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