#RallyForMarkHunt: Let The Second Day Saga Begin!



Hi all! Last night, we made a little dent in the Twitterverse with our #RallyForMarkHunt movement.

For those of you not in the know, Alistair Overeem might not be able to fight Junior dos Santos at UFC 146 because of elevated levels of testosterone in his urine sample.

The message here is simple: we want someone who can naturally meet Alistair's artificial level of testosterone naturally. The only man for that job is Mark Hunt.

In my humble opinion, this is the most exciting option for the UFC heavyweight strap. Frank Mir doesn't have a prayer against dos Santos and is usually a contender with a win or two over so-so competition after losing a bout. Cain Velasquez just lost to dos Santos and needs another win or two to prove himself.

So really, who else does that leave us? Mark Hunt!

If you are against it, that is understandable. Frank Mir can be the more logical choice. But to suggest that Mark Hunt doesn't have a shot against dos Santos and that his three-fight winning streak has been replicated by many in the shallow pool that is the UFC's heavyweight division is laughable.

Regardless, if you can't do it for the love of Mark Hunt, do it for the social media experiment that it is. This has been an interesting trip that has even landed us on Yahoo. That is really something special and shows that we have made a dent in the proverbial armor of social media. Hopefully Dana is a man of his word and pays attention to the going ons of Twitter and MMA internet communities.

So that leads us to our final question: What can you do to help Mark Hunt? Well, there is a bunch of things you can do! MMA Junkie, Sherdog, and Bloody Elbow do radio shows today and calling in to explain the #RallyForMarkHunt trend and explain why you support the cause.

Also, feel free to bomb the comments of other blogs you belong to, such as MMA Junkie and Sherdog, with encouragement to tweet Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, the UFC, and various MMA outlets about the movement.

Finally, tweeting. Tweet anyone you can, especially Dana, Lorenzo, the UFC, MMA reporters, MMA sites, MMA fighters, boxers, kickboxers, celebrities who enjoy the sport, you name it! Make Twitter your bitch with the hashtag #RallyForMarkHunt! And try to include Dana's and Lorenzo's Twitter handles in your tweets.

We have already landed support from people like Ian McCall, John Wayne Parr, Mike Brown, our beloved Ben Saunders, Phil Baroni, and countless others. MMA media is supporting it, too! The UFC's official Australian Twitter page is behind the campaign. So join us and leave your tweeting, commenting, and calling successes in the #RallyForMarkHunt.

Also, follow Mark Hunt on Twitter! He can be found at @markhunt1974. He gladly appreciates all support and has even tweeted about the fanpost that set all of this off. All other fighters and MMA personalities can be found with a quick search on Twitter or Google! If anyone needs help, just say so in the comments and everyone who is in the campaign will be glad to help!

Our goals are to get the topic trending, along with just getting more notoriety with the MMA media. Everyone loves an underdog story. Lets make it happen, mutherfukers!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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