Interview with current Strikeforce fighter Anthony Smith

Hey everyone! We are back once again, this time we have got 14-7 Strikeforce Middleweight veteran Anthony "Lionheart" Smith! He talks to us regarding the recent birth of his daughter, his fight coming up on April 13th agains Ian Berg, Olive Garden and who he would like to fight next!

Geek Fight MMA: How has your fight preparation been coming along?
Anthony Smith: I’ve been doing three-a-days and then will slim it down fight week. It's coming along well; it has been a long time since I've trained this hard

GFMMA: What has been your toughest fight so far?
AS: Ben Lagman, he was my first Strikeforce fight and he had longer reach than me he was well rounded. I tried for the first round keeping it technical but then I turned it into a dogfight and a brawl and KO'd him but huge props to him.

GFMMA: Where do you train out of?
AS: Premier Combat Center and my strength and conditioning at Visible Impact Fitness.

GFMMA: Do you work on any areas of your game specifically?
AS: My whole game is evolving, I am coming into my own I fight different every fight so it's figuring out what’s my niche. But I’m bettering everything and trying to be good at it all.

GFMMA: Where did you go to high school? What sports did you play?
AS: Nebraska City where I wrestled and played football.

GFMMA: Who is your favorite fighter to watch?
AS: It used to be Rampage until he became one dimensional, probably Frankie Edgar now. I love his footwork and his angles and Carlos Condit, I like his style. It's really hard to deal with when you spar, you don't know what he’s gonna hit you.

GFMMA: Do you have any fighters that you try to emulate yourself after?
AS: No one full style, I try to pick and choose off of certain guys that I can add to my arsenal. I like Jake Ellenberger's ground work he's a control guy and punch you in the mouth, Chael Sonnen and his wrestling.

GFMMA: What do you do in your free time?
AS: I have a four and half year old little girl so that keeps me busy but I like to get out with my friends sometimes and cut loose and hang out and enjoy life.

GFMMA: How is being a father changed your life?
AS: It's changed everything. It's crazy how your whole world changes, you want to be a better person. It's made me a better fighter I gotta support her, I need to save up for her. My values are better, it's the coolest thing I've done it's scary that this little tiny person is helpless and dependent on you completely.

GFMMA: Where do you see your career in three years?
AS: My goal is to be in the UFC. I love fighting in my hometown but the big picture is the UFC fighting top guys in the world, that's where I belong.

GFMMA: Why should I watch Anthony Smith?
AS: I'm explosive and exciting. I'm not a point fighter I'm a finisher, six years with no decisions. I'm powerful and I pride myself on being a super exciting fighter, I'd rather lose than have a boring fight.

GFMMA: Who is your next opponent? And what do you think of him?
AS: Ian Berg out of Colorado, he's got some wrestling and a powerful left hook. We've trained before about 3 years ago. He's a good dude but he's only fought once in a year in a half and I'm not sure if he's ready, I don't know if he wants it as bad as I do. He's well rounded but he doesn't pose any specific threats to me. I'm going to overwhelm him, April 13th is gonna be a bad day for him.

GFMMA: Why do you fight?
AS: It's the only thing I've ever been good at, I do it and love every second. I've never succeeded at anything else. I ended up being decent at it I can’t see myself doing anything else.

GFMMA: Who are some local fighters (Omaha, Nebraska) we should look out for?
AS: Darrick Minner is doing big things and looking to turn pro soon. Dakota Cochrane and Drew Dober were just on TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) there's a lot of tough guys at the gym, Josh Rave, Laramie Shaffer, Brian Houston for sure.

GFMMA: Is your ultimate goal to be in the UFC, or stay in Strikeforce?
AS: I want to be a world champion that’s the plan. I'm not delusional to think I'm going to go there and kick everyone’s ass though. But if I can do that in 10 years I will be happy.

GFMMA: If you could punch anyone in the face who would it be?
AS: I would probably punch Anderson Silva .Everyone says how hard his chin is and I want to see how good it is, he never takes solid shot. I wouldn't mind punching Micheal Bisping, he rubs me the wrong way but you can't deny his skills.

GFMMA: What do you work on as far as conditioning?
AS: I've only ever done it one other time before, I used to do only stuff at practice but now I’ve been doing it and it's one of the hardest things I've done. It's insane, it'll be nice to go balls out in a fight and I won’t have to worry about cardio.

GFMMA: What do you eat for your Nutrition?
AS: I try not to eat a bunch of bullshit but I don't really have a strict diet. I'm just shy of 205 right now, I cut 10 pounds of water weight.

GFMMA: How is your mindset coming off the loss to Adlan Amagov?
AS: It's good, I feel like I got a monkey off my back it bothers me that he got the big fight right after. I wasn't mentally there we had a baby two weeks before and I didn't want to be away from them. It wasn't really me I was kinda just there but not mentally. Everyone gets caught it was my turn I've never been rocked or anything before. It happens and it's about how you bounce back from it, you gotta let it go.

GFMMA: Do you think if you would have won you would have gotten to face Robbie Lawlor?
AS: Yeah I would have I think, I would have beat him I have the perfect style to beat him. I got a little big headed and I wanted to knock him out, sometimes there people you can't stand with but I can't think about it too much or it will eat me up. You have to take your losses and bury it, this sport eats people alive if you don't.

GFMMA: Anyone in Strikeforce you would like to fight?
AS: I want to fight Lumamba Sayers, I'm sick of him seeing people that should beat him lose to him. We were supposed to fight and he looks like a bum on paper I'm sick of hearing the hype about him. I would like to fight Jacare he's pretty one dimensional, I think that would be a fun fight. Luke Rockhold (current Strikeforce middleweight champion) would be a fun fight too, there's a lot of fun matchups.

GFMMA: What happened with your weight your last fight?
AS: I missed my flight that morning the day before weigh ins, then I had to do a bunch of media scheduled stuff. If I would’ve had another hour or so I would have made it, it messed with my head going into the fight. If you don't make weight you can't focus.

GFMMA: Who do you like working with to help improve your game?
AS: Just all my teammates, Ryan Jensen is a great coach, Joe Ellenberger is a great wrestler he has good MMA wrestling that he brings to the table. Kurt Podany is one of the best Muay Thai coaches in the world and we have a great Jiu-Jitsu coach, Houston Alexander is a great partner there not many who are more powerful or explosive than him but Premier Combat is where it’s at.

GFMMA: What is your favorite food to eat after the weight cut?
AS: Olive garden, I love me some pasta. I'm all about it, I will smash it and drink 10,000 gallons of water but a lot the time it takes me a while after a fight to be able to really eat again.

GFMMA: Do you want to mention any sponsors?
AS: Disorderly Conduct, Premier Combat Center, Viking Tattoo and Peter Witlow. They do so much for everybody they are big supporters around they support all the local fighters.

Thanks to Anthony for taking the time to sit down with us, be sure to check him out in his fight against Ian Berg at Victory Fighting Championship 37 on April 13th! That's all for this interview brought to you by Geek Fight MMA be sure to check out our past interviews, like our page, tell us who else we should interview and whatever else you want to tell us about the MMA world!

-Nick "Clark" Cody

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