The Middleweight Division: Possible Contenders

I want to discuss the possibilities of who the next #1 contender will be at MW.

We have many different options suddenly in the division, which is a change from the norm.

Right to the point:

1. Weidman vs Munoz:

Both men are on a nice win streak. Munoz and Weidman share a win over title challenger Maia. Both are decent wrestlers which the division needs to grow apparently. Munoz has the background to help sell along with power, and Weidman is an american with dangerous skills on the mat. Winner of this should need only 1 more win to get a title shot.

2. Bisping/Boetsch:

Very interested in this fight, though I think Boetsch steam runs out. Thankfully he picked up a lot of steam from the Okami ko. This makes him a big win for Bisping. And if Boetsch wins he just took out 2 top 10 middleweights back to back. Bisping would need 1 more big win since he just lost (it was close), and Boetsch should need one more too but I couldn't argue if he got one due to his past 2 wins.

3. Palhares/Belcher:

Palhares has gotten close to the top a couple of times and Belcher has been right behind him. They match up at a very interesting point in their careers. Palhares has looked solid lately but I still see the need for a top 10 win...possible 2. Belcher beating Palhares opens up a lot of options. Unfortunately I see Belcher needing 2 more wins besides Palhares to warrent a title shot.

4. Lombard/Stann:

I don't know if this match is official, but seems like the right choice to me. Both men take great risk in this fight, but not without great reward. Lombard has been dominant outside of the UFC for a while and big win over a Contender like Stann could justify a number one contenders fight. Very close to a shot but one more imo. Stann beating Lombard would make Dana and CO. very happy as it would possibly hurt Bellator. Same with Lombard almost there but one more win.

Belfort is somewhere up there too and possibly close to a title shot with 3 first round finishes after Wandy.

I have ideas but how do you think these middleweight contests turn out? Who should be the next #1 contender?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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