BECW3 - Mock Draft.



I have come to the realization that I have no idea who the "whose who" is of the BECW. I'm really only familiar with a handful of the people on this site so what better way to research the cream of the crop then to do my own mock draft! Below you will find my prediction for the 1st round of tomorrow's historic event. I'll include the pros and cons I used to determine my conclusion. I encourage all of you who are taking part to post your own mocks in the comments!

Round 1 Mock Draft.

1 - hardysinyourface.

Pros - The most consistent picker on the draft board. Boasts a staggering career 69% picking percentage. Finished 45th on all of mmaplayground last season. Finished 5th for camp BECW last season.

Cons - Lacks the killer instinct to finish the job, scored a dismal 42 (#1510 out of 2811) in the last event of the season. With the new playoff format for season 3, captains will have a hard time deciding if hardysinyourface will simply get you to the playoffs, or under the right coaching take you all the way to the finish line.

2 - ludakrish.

Pros - The roller coaster world of mmaplayground has many captains asking "what have you done for me lately?" ludakrish is the clear pick at #2. Finishing 1st last season with 634 pts has many a captain considering trading up to the 2nd pick

Cons - A surprisingly disappointing career record of 125 wins - 86 losses (59%) may scare away the more conservative captains. Is this a case of a one hit wonder, or has ludakrish finally figured out the winning formula?

3- AkDeath

Pros - Picking the winner is no problem for AkDeath. With a career record of 65-30 (68%) the potential is clearly there.

Cons - Despite having one of the top pick percentages in the game this is a pick that will need to be cultivated. Captains will need to decide if Akdeath has figured out that round and method are equally if not more important than whose hand is raised at the end of the fight.

4 - diazhomiez

Pros - Another picker with potential who just needs to put it all together. Head strong captains will believe they can mold this pick into their leader for the season. With a career record of 80 - 37 (68%), captains are faced with what is becoming a common dilemma. Can I mold this man to be a well rounded picker, or can he only pick winners?

Cons - Another picker with a strong percentage who failed to crack the top 10 last season.

5 - DetroitDrew

Pros - Many are saying this is the top prospect to join BECW for season 3. Drew put up a mindbogglingly 674 points last season which was good for 2nd place on all of mmaplayground, and is also 40 points higher then the top finisher in camp BECW. Drew not only picked an impressive 71% last season including 90% of the hot bouts, but he also has a career pick percentage of 68%.

Cons - Baggage, baggage, baggage. Can any captain really risk their 1st round pick and someone who was just unbanned mere months ago? Many are wondering if it's even possible to maintain a 90% pick rate on the hot bout. This pick has roll of the dice written all over it, and to some the stakes are simply to high.

6 - Fraser Coffeen

Pros - How can anyone pass up one of the best minds in the game. To have a staff member with this much knowledge helping to guide your team through the rocky waters of the BECW is too much for 12 captains to pass up. Probably the top "wild card" on the board, but as safe of a risk as you will find.

Cons - With a career record of 0 - 0 (0%), the possibility of missed picks over a 10 event season is a concern.

7 - Snatchl_BE

Pros - What's not to like about this pick? A top 10 finish last season. A career record: 168 - 80 (68%). This pick simply makes itself.

Cons - Is Snatchl_BE ready to put together a full season and live up to the potential of a 1st place finish that is clearly there? Snatchl_BE put up scores of 32 and 33 last season which clearly cost him the title of top picker. Consistency is the game we are playing and the last thing any captain in the playoff hunt can afford is a 30pt performance.

8 - stiffjab

Pros - No captain can ignore a top 10 finish as well as a career record of 143 - 70 (67%). Any captain looking to draft stiffjab will surely have to plan on spending their 1st pick

Cons - Those who have followed the career of stiffjab know his picks can get a little wild (JOE via 1st rd sub over Mike Russow). Will captains hold his lack of faith in the super god named mark Hunt against him (Cheick Kongo via decision)?

9 KatGirl

Pros - Those captains that find themselves holding the short end of the stick at round one will be please to find a picker with a 103 event score still on the board. Like a fine wine, KatGirl has improved over time and this season just may be her coming out party. Don't believe the rumors that she's content with that top 10 finish last season. The best is yet to come.

Cons - Career record, 289 wins - 185 losses (61% win rate) does have some captains worried to pick KatGirl this high, but do you really expect her to still be on the board come round 2?

10 - tokitok aka SweetScientist

Pros - 2nd place last season is no joke and you won't here any captains laughing if tikitok falls this far. The SweetScientists stock is on the rise as his pick percentage rose to 68% for the previous season. With a career percentage of 64% it's clear what direction this picker is headed.

Cons - A 78 in the last event secured tokitoks 2nd place finish but there is concern over the 47 and 42 point performances that preceded that event.

11 - skeebop

Pro's - Not just a top 10 finish last season, but the ability to carry your team in any event. skeebop's top 3 finishes last season included scores of 83, 79, and 76.

Cons - Skeebop failed to break 50 in half of his events for season one. Which skeebop are you getting?

12 Matt Bishop

Pros - Those captains looking to share the leadership load of a grueling season will please to have multiple staff members to choose from. Mr Bishop knows the fight game and will be a great mind to pick when struggling with the hot bout and under card.

Cons - With so much on his plate some may worry how seriously a man like Mr Bishop will take the season. I expect some high scores early from Matt, but with the new rules it's the last 3 events that will become most important. Only time will tell if Matt is in for the long haul.

So let's see your picks! Post your own mock draft in the comments.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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