Top 15 Fighters The UFC "Need" and Why

Top 15 Fighters The UFC "Need" and Why

1. Gilbert Melendez- In my mind he is the best fighter pound for pound not in the UFC currently. We need to see him fight the best in the world before his best years are over. He may just be the best Lightweight in the world but we will never know if Zuffa keeps him in Strikeforce.

2. Josh Barnett- He is a long time top heavyweight with awesome skills and marketability. He could make for some huge PPVs and very exciting competive mach-ups in the UFC heavyweight division. With the end of the Strikeforce GP near we could very well see "The War Master" in the UFC this year.

3. Hector Lombard- The UFC needs all the help it can get at 185 and Lombard would be a life saving shot in the arm of the less than deep division. He is the current Bellator 185 champ and owner of the sports longest running win streak. I would like to know if he really has what it takes to fight the best three times a year. With his Bellator contract nearing its end its looking like he will be in the UFC soon.

4. Pat Curran- Is a monster at 145. He is well rounded and has killer power. The UFC needs more top contenders at 145 and as the current Bellator champ Curran fits the bill.

5. Daniel Cormier- Is one of the best wrestlers in all of MMA and has showed all the potential in the world with consistant dominations, an undefeated record, and a smashing KO win over top 10 heavyweight Antonio "BigFoot" Silva. He will end up in the UFC after the Strikeforce GP ends win or loss.

6. Gegard Mousasi- Other than Jon Jones i think Mousasi has the greatest natural fighting talent in all of MMA. He is the DREAM middle and light-heavyweight champ, former Strikeforce 205 champ, has pro Kickboxing wins over Kyotaro and Musashi, and key MMA victories over Hector Lombard, Ronaldo Souza, Mark Hunt, Renato Sobral, Sokoudjou, Melvin Manhoef, Denis Kang, and Evangelista Santos. His only problem is he has no motivation to be the fighter he was born to be. With next level striking and a killer grappling game Gegard could hang with the very best in the world at 185, 205, or even heavyweight if he just trained and had the chance to compete with the best.

7. Eddie Alvarez- Long time top 10 lightweight Alvarez is one of only a hand full of top 10 fighters not in the UFC. The Lightweight division is very deep in the UFC but there are some awesome fights that could be made with the addition of Alvarez to the pool. He has some of the best boxing in the sport and a well rounded ground game to go along with it.

8. Tatsuya Kawajiri- I thought that "The Crusher" should have been in the UFC when he was a lightweight but now that he is at 145 it is almost a must that the UFC sign Kawajiri. He is another fighter that just needs a few wins to become an international UFC Star. If the UFC plans to go back to Japan any time soon they should really thinking about getting Kawajiri on that 145 roster.

9. Luke Rockhold- The current Strikeforce 185 champ with a record of 9-1-0 and recent wins over former Strikeforce champ Ronaldo Souza and UFC vet Keith Jardine he is a solid 185 fighter. I don't think he would ever be the UFC champ but he could have some good fights and become a contender.

10. Bibiano Fernandes- As the former DREAM featherweight champ and current DREAM Bantamweight champ Fernandes has proven himself to be one of the very best in the world at the lighter weights and as such he should be in the UFC.

11. Fedor Emelianenko- There is really nothing to be said about "The Last Emperor ". He is one of the greatest of all time but has never fought in the UFC and I would like to see him do it at least once win lose or draw. If he gets past Pedro Rizzo which he should he needs to get a UFC fight!

12. Shinya Aoki- Aoki is one of my all time favorites so i would like to see him under the big lights. I don't think that he would ever be the champ or even contend for the UFC title but he could slam a Rock Face on a couple of mid tear UFC lightweights. He is a fun fighter to watch and may just have the best Sub game in the sport.

13. Marlon Sandro- As i have said before the UFC 145 division needs more contenders and on the global MMA seen Sandro has proven he is a solid fighter that is fun to watch. He is a former Pancrase and Sengoku featherweight champ and made it to the finals in the Bellator Summer Series Tournament. He is ready to be tested by UFC talent.

14. Vinny Magalhães- With most of the top 205 pound fighters coming off loses to the champ the division needs more depth. Magalhães is one of the best BJJ fighters in the world and current M-1 Global light-heavyweight champion. His record is not the best but he is a great fighter and should be ready for the challenge the UFC presents.

15. Ben Askren- I am not a fan of Askren but he has a 10-0-0 record and has proved that there isn't anyone in the world out side of the UFC that can beat him at 170 pounds unless they just get lucky. He is the top of the heap when it comes to wrestlers in MMA and he has been developing a jiu-jitsu game to go along with it. His take downs are next level and his gas tank is vast. I want to see if he has what it takes to do the same thing to UFC welterweights that he has done to Bellator welterweights.

I have some Honorable Mentions as well.

Tyrone Spong- He has been training MMA for a while now (or so it is said). He is one of the very best K-1 kickboxers on the planet and is already at a good MMA camp. If he decides to try his hand....and foot at MMA the UFC should sign him right out of the gate

Gokan Saki- For the same reasons as Spong Saki would be a awesome fighter for the UFC to add to its roster but only if he would fight at 205. Saki has some of the fastest hands and feet that I have ever seen on any fighter. If he took MMA seriously and got some wrestling under his belt I think he could be one of the best.

Sergei Kharitonov- Just because he could make some fun mach-ups with guys in the UFC like Mark Hunt, Stefan Struve, Mike Russow, Travis Browne, Cheick Kongo, and Ben Rothwell. Kharitonov is one of the most powerful punchers on Earth and although his overall MMA game is lacking and he is not a young buck I still would like to see him sling leather in the UFC.

Alexis Vila- I think Vila is/was vastly overrated but if he wanted to fight at 125 I would like to see him in the UFC Flyweight division. Something tells me that Division is going to need all the help it can get in the coming year or so.

Pedro Rizzo- Is a Heavyweight vet. He has been part of some legendary UFC fights and is on a late career win streak. He wants to fight in the UFC again and I say he should get his chance. If he some how beats Fedor the UFC has to give him another shot.

Woman's MMA- Just think how big that Carano vs Santos or Tate vs Rousey fight would have been in the UFC. WMMA is awesome and those girls deserve to be in the Big Show.
NuF Said.

Renato Laranja- He is only the greatest fighter of all time. The 27 time Mundial champion Renato would win every belt in every weight division and go down as the greatest champ of all time because he would remain the champ for all time. Caralho! @Renato_Laranja

UPDATE- Hector Lombard Has signed with the UFC!

I am not a pro writer just a guy with some ideas.
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