Andreas Spang Talks Post Fight Skirmish With Maiquel Falcao And Subsequent Fine

Andreas Spang has been on a roller coaster of emotion for the last couple of days. The timeline of events started Thursday evening at the Bellator 66 weigh-ins when the Sweet Swede shoved his opponent for the middleweight tournament, Brian Rogers. Friday, after a dominant first round by Rogers, followed by much of the same in the second, he was able to score a spectacular KO victory towards the end of the round. After the fight, the announcing team brought in his opponent for the the final round of the tourney, Maiquel Falcao. Andreas shoved Falcao, and a skirmish ensued, resulting in Spang losing 20% ($6000) of his purse. He'll still be fighting in the tournament, but that's a very expensive pill to swallow. TapouT Radio recently caught up with Spang to discuss the incident.

*Note: Interviewer is Evan Shoman of TapouT Radio, my co-host. When I don't conduct these interviews by myself, I just put "interviewer" to eliminate having to bounce back and forth between three different names.

Interviewer: You're coming off a great, come from behind KO win. Was there any point in that fight that you were hurt?

Andreas Spang: I wasn't really in any danger. I saw the tapes, and it looked way worse than it was. I felt like I had it controlled. I was just waiting. I knew that the longer the fight went on, the bigger the chance I had to close the show.

If I could do it again, I wish I wouldn't have taken that many punches, because he does hit very hard. I would have liked to have not blocked every punch with my face [laughs]. That would have been nice, but I never really felt like, 'This is it' .' I always felt like I was in the fight.

I was a little bit frustrated a couple times, because my boxing and my punches didn't want to work the way I wanted them to. I knew he was gonna come out hard, but I was expecting that, and I came out on top.

Interviewer: What was your mindset afterwards, leading into your post fight incident?

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Andreas Spang: It was pretty rough. When I was waiting to walk out, People on the bleachers were calling me names and booing me. When they finally let me walk out, it was very narrow, and people were hanging over and had me worried that they were going to throw something, or spit something. I tried to speed it up, and get to the cage as fast as I could.

I got there, and I apologized to the crowd, but I didn't know that Falcao was even in there. All the sudden, they say, 'Here's your opponent' and I turned around, and Falcao comes walking out looking real mean and gets right in my face. I didn't really have time to understand what was going on. I pushed him off, but it was more of a natural reaction, because I don't like to have a grown ass man in my face.

Whatever happened after that, I take responsibility for what I did. I understand that I can get a reaction by pushing somebody, but if you get in somebody's face, you have to understand that will get a reaction, also.

Interviewer: Do you think they should have told you before your fight that you'd have to do a face off in the cage with your next opponent if you won?

Andreas Spang: Yes, I totally agree with that. Especially for me coming off a big knockout win, when my emotions were so high from the beginning. I didn't really know what was what I just wanted to yell and scream and cry all at the same time, because I was so happy Then, all of a sudden, this guy came and got in my face, really fast, and I didn't really know what was going on. I just reacted.

I did apologize at the press conference to everyone. The fans, the audience, Maiquel, Bellator...i just didn't know i was going to end up with a man all up in my face like that. I got a lot of negative comments, but i think a lot of people would have reacted the same way.

Interviewer: What happened at the weigh-ins?

Andreas Spang: I felt a little bullied at the weigh-ins. I took the fight on one week's notice, and in his hometown. I felt the negativity from the audience already. I was standing right where they told me to stand, and Brian walked right up into my face. I was not going to get bullied, so i pushed him off.

After the fight, i actually walked over to his locker room to check on him and say, 'Hey, I apologize for everything. It was all nerves and hype before the fight. Good luck to you in the future.' He shook my hand and said, 'Thank you', so I think that everything is behind us now.

Interviewer: How do you feel about your fine, and the fact that Falcao wasn't fined?

Andreas Spang: I didn't really think it was fair that they fined me that big of an amount, and didn't fine him at all. They said he defended himself. I watched the tape a couple times, and I can clearly see him load up a punch and throw it at me, and all kind of stuff. I don't really know if he was only defending himself, really.

Interviewer: Your fight with Falcao is slated for May 18, almost four weeks out. Do you like the Bellator format of fighting back to back in the tournaments like that, or would you prefer a little more time between fights?

Andreas Spang: You know, luckily I'm not hurt. No bones are broken, I'm just a little bruised up, but it's very easy and common to get injured. I think, if it was up to me, I'd have it another month ahead, or something like that. I don't really have time to heal up my bruises, because I have to get right back in the gym. I would rather see it a little bit longer between the fights.

Follow Andreas via his Twitter, @AndreasSpang

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