In the Yeeeeaarrrrrr Twoooo ThouuuuSANDDDDDD

So the MMA world is currently in another one of its major transformations where the new guard violently destroys the old guard. Last night we saw it in action again as Michael McDonald KTFO'd Miguel Torres, and Jon Jones beat Rashad Evans via UD.

I was thinking though, this transformation seems special in that there are two groups of prospects. On the one hand, you have highly skilled wrestlers who picked up MMA skills at an earlier age. I'd think of them as the Koscheck 2.0's, guys like Ellenberger, Hendricks, and Brenneman. You know, they're not fantastic strikers or submission specialists, but they can win the standup portion with their athletic strengths. If they ever find that they're losing in the standup, they can always go back to their bread-and-butter in wrestling to fight it out on the ground.

On the other hand, you've got prospects who didn't transition from div. 1 wrestling into MMA but grew up training MMA from the start. I'm thinking of guys like Rory MacDonald and Michael McDonald (correct me if I'm wrong on Michael, but as far as I know, he didn't come from a D1 wrestling background.) These guys aren't exceptional at any one thing, but since they've been training in MMA for their entire careers, they understand how to combine striking, grappling, clinching, etc. in a very smooth manner.

So my question is, which group of prospects will eventually win the throne? Is it the Koscheck's 2.0's or the MacDonald breed? Do you see the day in MMA when prospects who've never even been on a D1 wrestling team manage to out-grapple wrestlers because they know how to mix everything together, or will these D1 wrestlers forever be the undisputed blankets in MMA?

Feel free to completely crap all over this post if you think I didn't think this through enough.

In the yearrrrrrrr twooooo thousandddddddddd..............



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