Monday Morning Ramble: Post UFC 145 + Looking Ahead

I'm always a bit hyped up and too 'attached' to the events the night of or after a card. I'd like to sort of let it soak in and see what some of the fall out is and if need be, write up a bit of a reaction to the reactions. But above all...I just want an easy way to say my peace about the event all in one place.

UFC 145

I missed the entire Facebook stream, and I'm not a particular fan of watching a decision when it isn't live and people aren't exactly talking it general, I'm going to stick to the fights that I deem 'worth' talking about.

Mac Danzig vs Efrain Escudero - Not a great fight...and with the position these guys were in, it needed to be otherwise the loser would be up for serious consideration for the chopping block.

I expect Escudero will get cut. As far as Danzig goes, he always seems to win the fight that he needs to win to stay around...but I don't think his future with the promotion is all that bright.

Anthony Njokuani vs John Makdessi - I was hoping for an all out striking war. It was a total standup affair...but much more tactical and slow paced without anything really memorable. Having missed weight AND lossed in a not so great fight, Makdessi might want to worry...but I have a feeling he'll be given one more shot.

Njokuani got the win, he gets to stay and I really hope the best for him going forward. I hope he can get a bit of a win streak to earn some 'interest' with the UFC so that one day he can afford to drop another fight. WEC never die.

Matt Brown vs Stephen Thompson - I was really rooting for Thompson coming into this fight. I wasn't trying to praise him as the next big thing...but when any guy has that sort of pedigree...of going undefeated in whatever combat sport they were in prior to MMA and also being undefeated in MMA...I just have to root for them. That 'completely undefeated' aura is just interesting and compelling for a fighter to have.

That's all gone now, like when Cung Le lost to Scott Smith. Oh well, Thompson will learn and improve and hopefully come back better. As for Matt Brown, he made it an ugly, ugly fight and that's exactly what he needed to do. I was rooting for Thompson, but was glad to see him get his first win streak since 09. Keep on WAR-ing, Mr. Immortal.

Travis Browne vs Chad Griggs - I was rooting for Browne, and boy did he deliver. To be his height and moving like that, pulling off a double pump flying's impressive. It was also nice to see him show off his clearly developing ground game, too. Browne has developed an interesting patter of 'impressive first round finish' followed by 'deflating decision'...hopefully he can break that trend in his next fight.

As for Griggs...I have nothing against the guy, but I didn't see him winning this fight. 3-0 Strikeforce, 0-1 UFC. He and his mutton chops are awesome...but perhaps he should try making the cut to 205.

Mark Bocek vs John Alessio - Alessio took the fight on short notice, and I really hope he gets another fight in the UFC, and I REALLY hope the guy wins it. That's really all I have to say here.

Mark Hominick vs Eddie Yagin - Hominick seems like his chin might be fading. Incredible upset for Yagin and an all around crazy and exciting fight to watch. I'll be interested in watching Yagin moving forward and I truly truly hope that Hominick can just get a quick and emphatic victory in his next fight, it sucks to see him struggle like this.

Michael McDonald vs Miguel Torres - I said that I didn't think Torres 'had it' anymore. Play a game, go to wikipedia, and look at everyone he beat prior to losing to Bowles, you'll notice only 4 guys even have their own pages, look at their records following their fights with Torres....nothing to write home about. All time greatness isn't about win streaks, it's about the quality of the guys you beat on those win streaks.

Michael McDonald is a stud, nothing else to it. I for one can't wait to see him, Renan Barao, and Dominick Cruz all cross paths with each other over the course of the next year or so...they are the big 3 of this division.

Brendan Schaub vs Ben Rothwell - From Day 1 I was suspecting an early Rothwell knockout. So many people were so sure that Schaub would just school him on speed, technique, cardio, etc. But at heavyweight, the ability to take a good punch is more important than any other weight class. Rothwell can take a good punch and Schaub I was feeling Rothwell for the upset.

And look what happened. One clean landing punch in an exchange had Schaub on the floor reaching for Jesus. Yes, he is getting knocked out by heavyweight hitters...but relative to THIS division, you might as well say he has a glass jaw. I've never been a fan of this guy's attitude, so I'm glad that he seems to be trying to become as well known for EXCLUSIVELY losing by TKO/KO as Frank Mir. Rothwell was looking pretty lean, and he really needed a big win to revive the state of his UFC career.

Rory MacDonald vs Che Mills - Mills is tough and took a lot of punishment, but Rory is just a freaking murderer and that's all there is to it. Every time he fights, it makes the fact that Carlos Condit managed to take over their fight in the 3rd and get the finish that much more amazing.

Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans - There isn't much to say, I was quite sure that Jones would win this fight, and he did. Evans had a few moments of success...but nothing else. He didn't really have anything for Jones other than being someone who was seemingly dead set on lasting all five rounds instead of trying to go all out trying to win.

Jones haters: What happened? I thought Evans had his number? I thought he would tag Jones and that would be it? I thought he would outwrestle Jones? Where was the all around stud that was going to wreck Jones?

Oh yeah, that guy doesn't exist...not yet anyways.

Looking Ahead

UFC 146 is going to be headlined by Dos Santos vs Mir, and now Cain will fight Bigfoot Silva. This leaves Roy Nelson without an opponent. I'd be more than happy to see Travis Browne or Ben Rothwell step in and take that fight. Keeping it as an all heavyweight main card is going to be a pretty key selling point in the marketing.

Jon Jones is getting Henderson next...Jones is going to win that fight. Henderson is the oldest fighter Jon has ever fought. On top of that, of Jones' championship run from Rua to now, Henderson is going to have the shortest reach off all of his opponents(71 inches to Jones' 84.5). One of the oldest active UFC fighters vs the UFC's youngest champion. Promotionally, it's a very sellable fight, but it won't end pretty. The last time Hendo had an extended 'sit out' period in between fights, the Jake Shields loss happened...

Looking at the long term...I don't see Jones being challenged until he fights another fighter who is at least similar to him in some regards of build, talent, and where he is at in his Gustafsson. But Alex is still a little ways off from a title shot.

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