Some goon on Wikipedia is trying to get all of the UFC Event pages removed

I saw this on another forum, but I feel the need to post it here. The OP at the other forum did a good job summarizing, so I'll quote that to begin:

Wouldn't that be a shame, given the enormous amount of information and effort in those articles?

[1] This is the talk page from the latest event (spoilers).

[2] This shit stain is Mtking. He slapped the notability tag on every MMA event possible (BAMMA, Strikeforce, UFC, etc.). His excuse is that MMA events are not notable, so they should all be deleted. Look at [3] this Strikeforce page for instance. Mtking already proposed it for deletion and it will be gone 6 days from now. Check his edit history, you'll see he's been very busy the past few weeks trying to delete MMA pages. If you look at Mtking's edits, you'll notice he/she also loves America's Next Top Model. No notability issues there, apparently Mtking enjoys the show quite a bit. My head is about to explode.

I have no pull in Wikipedia. I'm putting this out there in case any of you do. I'd hate to see the colossal wealth of information there go to waste by one stroke of the keyboard. If anyone can stop this piece of shit from killing that information, please do.


I'm posting this here in case any of you have an influence there too. I just created an account at Wikipedia (never thought I'd ever do that). I'm not sure of how to possibly join in the discussions or how that works. The more edit and additions you do to Wikipedia, I think the more your influence is. But this is some ass hat trying to remove stuff they don't agree with.

I go to these pages every day. They're extremely up to date on fight rumors and annoucements. They make sure to note which bouts are in the works, announced by a major site, announced by the UFC, and confirmed on the UFC's event page. They update with results before they announce the decision in the cage. They're extremely well kept. Just take a look at the event page for UFC 146. They have the date, city, venue. A section for the background. The fight card broken down by where you can watch each fight (Facebook, FX, PPV-extremely useful). Links to each fighters page so you can easily check their records. Links to the previous and next event that the UFC puts on. These pages are incredibly useful to me, and I'm sure to many of you too. I'd hate to lose these for essentially no reason.

There are people voting for and against this, so it's not just that one guy. A Strikeforce event page is likely going to be deleted in six days. I'm not exactly sure what to do, but letting as many people know as possible is what I'm able to right now. Sherdog keeps stuff like this, but Wikipedia does it better.

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