UFC 145 Results Recap: Maximo Blanco Vs. Marcus Brimage

Image via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

In the first preliminary card bout of UFC 145, Marcus Brimage defeated Maximo Blanco by split decision. The featherweight bout was dull and plodding, with neither fighter taking many chances. Brimage won on two judge's scorecards with 30-27 and 29-28 scores, while Blanco took one 29-28 card. Despite the close scores, neither fighter will be getting much credit for the bout.

Brimage was the one coming forward for most of the fight, but both fighters threw more feints than strikes over the three rounds. Both fighters landed some nice kicks. Blanco looked for a few takedowns throughout the bout but they were mostly rebuffed by Brimage (he was down for about one second in the middle round). In the end, Brimage got credit for being the more aggressive of the two fighters, which isn't saying much.

What was the high spot of this fight?

The ridiculous tumbling session both men put on after the fight. If you have that much energy after (not) fighting for 15 minutes, that's sad.

Where do these guys go from here?

Brimage got the win, but it's not like he's going to be shooting to stardom after it. Still, he's 2-0 in the UFC now and will get a semi-interesting bout in the next few months. I'm not expecting much though, especially if he keeps fighting like that.

Blanco was a massive disappointment in his first UFC and featherweight bout, showing none of the aggression that became his calling card in Japan. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he got released after this one bout, and more than a few people are calling for it. He'll probably get another bout though. I won't make the mistake of being excited about it.

Watch it now, later or never?

Never. This bout was dreadful, and you can catch the Youtube video of the tumbling session about. It's the only thing worth watching.

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