Your Weekend in Combat Sports (April 6-8) a comfy old recliner.

And That's the Way it Was: Twenty fighters that after the last week who are shining, not fading.

1. Karl Amoussou: Looked fantastic in his welterweight debut, plowing right through Chris Lozano in the main-event of Bellator 63.
2. Hank Lundy: Put on a great show and looked tremendous in the Friday Night Fights main event against Dannie Williams.
3. David Rickles: Hadn't even set my drink down, when Rickles, who you cannot convince me isn't Brett Cooper in less-troubling trunks, had knocked out Jordan Smith in the Welterweight Quarterfinals at Bellator 63.
4. Gilbert Yvel: Yvel main-evented Resurrection Fighting Alliance 2, which I'm pretty sure is on match #452 and is stll streaming on Sherdog, at Light Heavyweight against Houston Alexander. Yvel looked fantastic at 205, and knocked out Alexander in the first. I fully expect Bellator to snatch him up for their 205-tourney.
5. Tatsuya Kawajiri: In the co-main of OneFC 3, Kawajiri submitted KOTC veteran and champion Donald Sanchez via triangle choke.
6. Maurice Smith: Mo Smith, he of 50-years of age, faced Jorge Cordoba in Smith's first fight since June of 2008. It looked as if age had finally wore down the man that dethroned Mark Coleman until he landed a beautiful head kick knockout at 2:05 of the third-round. A pretty awesome markout moment in MMA lore.
7. Ben Saunders: It seemed like Ben was getting a tad too cute and going too hard for the submission, but he still dominated a tough-as-nails Raul Amaya. LETS MUTHERFUKERS!
8. Jadamba Narantungalag: Jadamba continued his reign as the most talented fighter in Legend, submitting Yui Chul Nam with a submission in the main event of LFC 8.
9. Zorobabel Moreira: The Evolve product won his fourth straight in defeating Felipe Enomoto by armbar in the main event of OneFC 3.
10. Brian Heden: Upset Sean McCorkle, inevitably making a few of us rather happy, at Worldwide Mixed Martial Arts's first event in El Paso.
11. Bryan Baker: It wasn't pretty, and Baker admitted he hadn't handled the weight cut particularly well, but the inspirational Beast ended up with the W to advance to face Ben Saunders in the Bellator Welterweight Semis.
12. Tara LaRosa: Tara, who feuded with Miesha Tate before it was cool, picked up a Hail Mary armbar with one second, that's , left in her fight against Kelly Warren at RFA 2.
13. Murilo Bustamante: Made his usual 2 and a half-year reappearence to defeat UFC vet and Phil Baroni highlight-reel fodder Dave Menne in the main event of Amazon Forest Combat 2.
14. Sergio Thompson: Responsible for the biggest upset in all of combat sports over the weekend when he stopped Jorge Linares in Mexico City. The stoppage itself was suspect, but Linares didn't complain and it seemed like it was a matter of time.
15. Arthur Abraham: It was closer than the scores indicated, but Abraham UD'd Piotr Wilczewski, putting him in line for the Robert Stieglitz vs. George Groves winner, which makes me a happy camper.
16. Thales Leites: Submitted fellow BJJ assassin and full-time weirdo Matt Horwich by an Arm-Triangle choke. This was the first time Horwich lost by submission in nearly five years.
17. Kelly Pavlik: So far, so good on the comeback under new trainer Robert Garcia. He stopped Aaron Joca in two rounds and looked much, much better than he did against Alfonso Lopez.
18. Lyle Beerbohm: Fancy Pants did what Fancy Pants does, which is a quick and nasty first-round submission at Worldwide Mixed Martial Arts.
19. Karo Parisyan: Any time Karo wins, it's a big yay, right? Defeated a very game veteran in Thomas Denny at
20. Adriano Martins: TKO'd Jimmy Donahue in just over a minute to win the main event of Jungle Fight 37.
Friday April 6

12:00am: The Ultimate Fighter Season 15 (Fuel)
1:00am: UFC Tonight (Fuel)
1:00am: MMA Live (ESPN2)
1:00am: The Best of Butterbean I (ESPN Classic)
1:30am: UFC Ultimate Insider (Fuel)
2:00am: Best of Pride Fighting Championships (Fuel)
2:00am: Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Tommy Hearns I (ESPN Classic)
3:00am: Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame Marvin Hagler for Losing to Sugar Ray Leonard (ESPN Classic)
4:00am: UFC Rio Prelims (Fuel)
4:00am: The Best of Butterbean II (ESPN Classic)
5:00am: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Roberto Apodaca (ESPN Classic)
6:00am: UFC on Fox: Evans vs. Davis Prelims (Fuel)
8:00am: Bellator 63 (MTV2)
8:30am: Super Fight League 2 (
10:00am: MMA Uncensored (MTV2)
3:00pm: UFC Rio Prelims (Fuel)
3:30pm: MFC 27 (HDNet)
5:30pm: Bellator 64 Prelims (
7:00pm: Women's Elite Continental Championships (GFL $9.99)
8:00pm: Bellator 64 (MTV2)
8:00pm: Spartan Fighting Championship 13 (GFL $9.99)

9:00pm: Inside MMA w/Nick Newell, Dana White (HDNet)
10:00pm: BAMMA 9 (HDNet)
10:00pm: The Ultimate Fighter Live (FX)

10:00pm: The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 (Spike)
10:30pm: UFC Ultimate Insider (FSN)
11:00pm: UFC Primetime (FX)

11:00pm: The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 (Spike)
11:45pm: Face-Off with Max Kellerman: Mayweather vs. Cotto (HBO2)

Saturday April 7

12:00am: The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 (Spike)
12:00am: David Lopez vs. Hugo Centeno (FSN)
1:00am: Inside MMA w/Nick Newell, Dana White (HDNet)
2:00am: BAMMA 9 (HDNet)
5:00am: Inside MMA w/Nick Newell, Dana White (HDNet)
7:00pm: Countdown to UFC 145 (Fuel)
7:00pm: Women's Elite Continental Championships (GFL $9.99)
7:00pm: Dead Serious 3 (GFL $9.99)

7:30pm: UFC Tonight (Fuel)
8:00pm: Best of Pride Fighting Championships (Fuel)
9:00pm: UFC Unleashed (Fuel)
9:00pm: Total Mayhem: We're Back 2 (GFL $9.99)
10:00pm: UFC 136 (Fuel)

Sunday April 8

1:00am: UFC 144 Prelims (Fuel)
3:00am: Ultimate Matt Hughes (Fuel)
10:45am: 2 Days: Brandon Rios (HBO2)
9:00pm: The Ultimate Fighter Season 15 (Fuel)
9:00pm: Best of Pride Fighting Championships (FSN)
10:00pm: The Ultimate Fighter Season 15 (Fuel)
11:00pm: UFC on FX: Alves vs. Kampmann (Fuel)
Under the Radar: Names that aren't on American broadcasted shows this week.

James Toney vs. Bobby Gunn (April 7, Landers Center, Southaven, Mississippi)

Masanori Kanehara vs. Jake Hattan (April 8, Heat 22, Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan)

Neil Grove vs. Todd Duffee (April 7, Super Fight League 2, Chandigarh, India)

Alexander Shlemenko vs. Ikuhisa Minowa (April 7, Super Fight League 2, Chandigarh, India)

Paul Kelly vs. Ryan Healy (April 7, Super Fight League 2, Chandigarh, India)

Vic Darchinyan vs. Shinsuke Yamanaka (April 6, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan)

Edgar Sosa vs. Wilbert Uicab (April 7, Oasis Hotel Complex, Cancun, Mexico)

Humberto Sosa vs. Claudinei Lacerda (April 7, Oasis Hotel Complex, Cancun, Mexico)
Best Viewing Options: I've been outta this racket for a while. Why can't I find any IFL listings on Fox Sports???

1. Bellator 64: So BE, as a community, are we pulling for Askren because Lima took out our homeboy? Or are we pulling for Lima because Askren is a dick?
2. Super Fight League 2: Could this be a train wreck? Absolutely! Could it be awesome? Almost certainly! They're not mutually exclusive, right Moosin?? I actually like what SFL is doing here. Got semi-name fighters who will undoubtedly produce fun fights. I mean, c'mon, Duffee, Grove, Minowaman, Shlemenko, Paul Kelly? You can count on one hand the number of boring fights between those five. They've also used that card to integrate their own Indian fighters woven throughout the card. It's really smart, practical, and cost-effective booking. Impressive.
3. The Ultimate Fighter Live: Hmm, kind of a sparse week. Picked quite the week to return. None of these fighters have really grabbed me. No, that's not a Dakota Cochrane pun, you filthies. Or was it?
4. Inside MMA: Required viewing people, get out your notepads.
5. UFC 136: I loved this card so much, I want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.
6. MMA Live: Not quite the same, but still.
7. Top-5 Reasons: That was a great series ESPN had. Very, very enjoyable from all angles. I'll jump to watch this no matter what the subject.
8. Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns: Educate yourself on classic boxing, gents. Get cultured. Get learned. Can't suck the UFC teat forever!
9. Best of Butterbean I/II: I'm lumping these together, because, well, that's what the Bean would do.
t10. BAMMA 9: Technically a premiere rather than a live event, because, you see, it's not live. BAMMA 9 occured March 24, but it's still MMA on High-Def on my television, which is worth my time.
t10. Women's Elite Continental Championships: Did you know that this is the first year that women's boxing will be in the Olympics? WELL, IT IS! And this here is the biggest amateur boxing tournament in the Americas, where amateur boxers from all over the world will come to make their case for their Olympic inclusion. OLYMPIC DREAMS ON THE LINE HERE, PEOPLE.
Fight of the Week: Didn't I give you assholes enough viewing ammo?? Nonetheless, here's a fight that really stood out to me. Chris Mierzwiak vs. Dominique Steele. Two guys, seven career combined fights, get a chance to be the curtain-jerker on a Strikeforce undercard on HDNet and just went out there and took full advantage of it. Two guys getting a sliver of a break and giving it their all. BTW, only YouTube vids can be embedded, so you'll have to do with a link :(
Bold, yet Laughable Predictions: Let's take another crack at this. Clean slate for 2012!

Fight of the Weekend: Shinsuke Yamanaka vs. Vic Darchinyan

Underrated Fight of the Weekend: Masakatsu Ueda vs. Travis Marx

Disappointing Fight of the Weekend: Ben Askren vs. Douglas Lima

Who will be #1 on BV's List Next Week: Ben Askren

If My Life Depended on One Pick: Chris Horodecki over Mike Richman

Upset of the Week: Rodrigo Lima over Hiroshi Nakamura

Fight to Keep Your Eye On: Alexander Shlemenko vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Card that Will Deliver the Best Pound-for-Pound Action: Super Fight League 2
BV Loses You Money: New year, same shitty predictions!

Last Weekend's Hangover:
If you put down $100 on each of my predictions last week, you'd have today:

It's flipped over for a new year! I got a bailout! No debts!

BV Lost You: $0
On the Year: $0

This Weekend: Unfortunately, I couldn't find many (read: any) legitimate lines for this weekend's fights so....

Lines courtesy of BetUS
The Non-Profit Black Velvet Sponsored Bloody Elbow Combat Sports Fantasy League Challenge For All Ages: (NPBVSBECSFLCFAA)

My Lineup This Week:

Shinsuke Yamanaka
Bantamweight: Masakatsu Ueda
Featherweight: Humberto Soto
Lightweight: Paul Kelly
Welterweight: Ben Askren
Middleweight: Alexander Shlemenko
Light Heavyweight: Denis Lebedev
Heavyweight: James Toney
Take a Knee: Even the biggest combat sports fan needs to recharge their batteries before diving back in. Here are five games that are nationally broadcasted this weekend that deserve your eyes.

Phoenix vs. St. Louis (Friday, NBC Sports, 7:30): Two harder-working teams in hockey you will not find. This will be a beautiful, grinding, physical game.

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh (Saturday, NBC Sports, 4:00): Flyers vs. Pens? What else do you want? Chris Kunitz trying to ground and pound Scott Hartnell's face through the ice with elbows? Hartnell biting Kris Letang? Wayne Simmonds calling everyone "fucking faggots" to and fro in front of cameras and mics again? It's got it all!

New York Rangers vs. Washington (Saturday, NBC Sports, 6:30): Washington's playoff chances may hang in the balance here. So, naturally, go Rags.

Los Angeles vs. San Jose (Saturday, NHL Network, 10:30): Two teams that, if they wanted to, could be the two-best teams in the West. As it was, they're battling for their playoff lives.

Arizona vs. San Francisco (Friday, ESPN2, 7:00): Opening-day! Another year and hope and opportunity for my beloved Pittsburgh Buccos to drive a Hepatitis-dipped stake into the hearts of its collective fanbase. I, for one, can't wait (pops heart pill).
Your YouTube Finale: There are many Seinfeld movie trailers, kids, but are there any as awesome as this? I SUBMIT THERE IS NOT!!

Seinfeld: "Hello Newman" re-cut trailer (via TRMUS1C)


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