Brock Beat: Lesnar's Ring Attire, Stips For John Cena Match, WWE Raw Recap

On Monday's WWE RAW, Brock Lesnar and John Cena continued the build toward their match in several weeks. (Photo:

With his return to pay-per-view in just under two weeks time, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar didn't appear in person for WWE Monday Night Raw.

Instead, he did a taped interview that further deepened the storyline angle of why he's back.

The interview aired in the program's first hour and Lesnar talked about his high school/college wrestling background and first run in WWE. He also talked about his UFC run and winning the title, supported by still images. It's a bit surreal seeing WWE fully acknowledge that UFC exists when company history has shown that nothing seemingly exists outside their storyline world.

Lesnar described why he came back: to "legitimize the company" and that he was "tired of John Cena's bull crap. There's nothing about Brock Lesnar that's fake. This is real. This is not a wrestling match..." Footage of him MMA training at his gym was shown. It's interesting that WWE is spinning this as some sort of legit fight between the two, when that obviously won't be the case.

WWE has a three-hour RAW set for next Monday night and the Cena/Lesnar contract signing will be a major focus of the show. Earlier Monday, announced that his return to action against Cena will be no countouts and no disqualifications -- the main event of Extreme Rules, set for Sunday, April 29.

For the other big Brock news that ran through the interwebs Monday, keep reading after the jump.

New Gear

A picture of Lesnar in his supposed new WWE gear floated around the internet Monday, featuring the big guy in traditional wrestling boots but with MMA trunks, complete with sponsors. Wrestling Observer founder Dave Meltzer noted this is a first for any WWE talent. However, the image isn't available on anymore, possibly meaning it was a ruse.

Wrestlemania breaks records

WWE said Monday that their April 1st Wrestlemania 28 pay-per-view did 1.3 million buys "with global gross sales in excess of $67 million including the live event." Meltzer clarified exactly what that revenue number means in his daily update:

On the $67 million number for WrestleMania that WWE announced earlier today, that is the current estimate of all revenues derived from the live show itself (live gate, merchandise and worldwide PPV). That is not a number that includes events like Fan Axxess, the Hall of Fame and such. It will be, by a significant margin, the largest grossing single event in pro wrestling history. That is not WWE's cut of the revenue because the vast majority of that income is PPV, which gets split with the cable companies.

The event featured the return of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in a singles match against John Cena. There was heavy buzz leading into the event that Lesnar would return on the show, but he returned the next night on Monday's RAW.

Need more wrestling in your life? Do check out our SB Nation friends at Cageside Seats.

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