UFC 145 Video: Jon Jones Vs. Rashad Evans - The War Of Words Continues On Part 2 Of Ultimate Insider

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans get heated on UFC Ultimate Insider

Ahead of UFC 145, Jon Jones and Rashad Evans spoke to Jon Anik and got into an intense war of words. That was Part 1 of "Counterpunch", a segment from UFC Ultimate Insider, and the talking didn't end there. Check out the extended interview on Part 2 where the tension gets even higher:

The war of words continues in Part 2 of "Counterpunch: Jones vs Evans" with UFC Ultimate Insider host Jon Anik. Were they really friends to begin with? Who's the rightful UFC light heavyweight champ? Will Bones really skip to Suga's lou? You be the judge...

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Check out the key quotes after the jump.

Rashad Evans: There's a part of me that will always go for Jon. Every single fight that he has been in, I have always rooted for Jon. Always rooted for him... I want him to win. I just say what I say about him being fake, because Jon is not the person he says he is, or tries to pretend that he is to be. He's setting himself up for a fall that I don't think he can take right now.

Jon Jones: I do feel as if it was Rashad's image, and it kind-of got thrown at me. It's like a "You know I'm not the baddest guy, Jon's a bad guy too" type of thing...

Jon Jones: ...And then you've got a guy like me, I treat people with the utmost amount respect, and that's a big part of who I am. As an athlete, yeah, I have a chip on my shoulder. There's 2 completely different people. Jon Jones is a great person. I say that about myself, but Bones Jones, he's a little high on himself. And I should be, cause that's why I compete on the level I compete at, and I train and beliveve that way.

Jon Jones: I have no sympathies for Rashad whatsoever. I remember you leaving Greg Jackson's and said that "I need a team that focuses on me. I need something based around me". And now you created the Blackzilians. I say it all the time. There's no I in team, there's no I in Jackson's, but there's I in Blackzilians. So I really look at you as fake. I look at you as arrogant. I look at you as selfish. I look at you as self-centered. And I think your biggest thing is to try and reflect it off me, and make it seem like I'm everything you're feeling inside your heart... The proof is in your lifestyle Rashad. You're loyal to no one but yourself.

Rashad Evans: That's the funny thing about it, and that's the part that you're immature and young. I would never have fought you. In a million years I would never have fought you. I was going to fight at 185. I would only do 'dream match ups'. I was only going to help you become a champion --

Jon Jones: That's not true.

Rashad Evans: I would never ever have fought you!

Jon Jones: That's not true Rashad.

Rashad Evans: ....When you got offered that title shot, and I told you to take it, Jon, I knew you were going to win. I wanted you to win, and I would never, ever, ever have fought you.

Jon Jones: That's when it really got started. That's when you said "Okay, it's official. Jon kinda called me out."

Rashad Evans: Truth to the matter is, you did want to fight me, and now we're fighting, that's the bottom line.

Jon Jones: Why would I want to fight you, when I'm the champ? You, want to fight me.

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