BECW Season 3 Signup Info

Hello everyone,

Season 2 is nearly over and come May 5, we will already be kicking off another season of hot bouts, trash talk and epic stats. We haven't made a final decision about the number of teams and players yet but here is the information you need if you want to be a part of the awesomely fun clusterfuck that is the BE Civil War.

Follow the jump for rules and eligibility info ...

The rules

We pick fights on MMA Playground. A season lasts 10 events and every UFC event is included from TUF finales to numbered cards. Points are awarded as follows:

Picking the correct winner: 5 points

Picking the winner and either the correct round or method: 7 points

Picking the winner as well as the correct method and round: 11 points

Hot bout (the fight with the most evenly spread predictions): Double points

Underdog bonus (picking a winner who was picked by less than 20% of MMA PG): 2 points

To kick off the season, a draft will take place where every eligible player is picked by the team captains similar to the NFL draft. The team sizes will presumably stay the same, ie. 11 players per team, and team scores consist of every player's score minus the lowest.

This season, we will be debuting a new scoring system; instead of tallying cumulative team scores, teams will now go head-to-head and the team with the higher score will notch a win. The cumulative team scores will probably be used as a tiebreaker. Depending on the number of players, we will likely split teams into divisions and have a six or seven event regular season and finish the season with three or four playoff events to determine a winner.

Eligibility info

Our beloved commissioner John Danaher's Hair will set a hard cap on the number of players once we get an idea of the interest. We've had a slight problem with people missing picks so we're going to take a few measures to ensure we get as many reliable players as possible. Non-picking is the ultimate sin and if you sign up, prepare to get ostracized by the BE community should you ever miss your picks.

There will be three tiers of eligibility:

1. Returning BECW players who have never missed picks

2. Members of the BE Prospects camp on MMA Playground who have picked at least the last two events of Season 2

3. BE members with at least 500 posts

If enough players sign up for the prospects camp, tier 3 might not come into play at all. In other words, if you haven't already created an account on MMA Playground - DO IT NOW. Make sure you join the BE Prospects camp.


You should already now start thinking about captaining a team. We had a hard time getting 10 captains to sign up last season but there's no reason to be afraid. As a captain, here is what is expected of you:

1. Participate in the draft

2. Make sure your team members don't miss picks

3. Keep an eye on my stats and make sure I'm not tinkering with the numbers

Anything on top of that is optional, although it would make the CW that much more awesome if you're willing to trade barbs with the other captains and engage in trash talk. You may also be asked to help out with the scorekeeping.

Current BECW participants

If any of the current players already now know that they aren't interested or won't be able to participate in season 3, let us know now so we can set the player cap accordingly.

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