JON "BONES" JONES: The Man You Hate to Love .. wait.. I mean, Love to H--- .. well one of those



Earlier I read a story about Jon Jones, and I already knew before I clicked into the comment section that it would be FULL of people just tearing into Jon for his "arrogance", and "fakeness". I myself have tired of his persona, but what got me thinking about making this fan post, was exactly WHY I had made this cross-over into the crucification of the man they call "Bones".

I, like many people hopped onto the Bones band-wagon right after I saw him put on a clinic against Stephan Bonner. I checked out his earlier fights on youtube, and I knew he was a cocky mofo right out the gate. The thing is I didn't automatically hate him for it either. I thought "hey if I were him I would probably be doing the same thing." I cant exactly remember WHEN it was that I got tired of his attitude, but it wasn't till recently.

The thing is I cant exactly figure out WHY I made this conscious change in attitude toward him... afterall he is exactly the same dude he was when he first started fighting. In fact he may be a lot more toned down. He isnt dancing, dropping it like its hot after a win, he isnt tossing an opponent around and raising his hand to the crowd as if he were the Hulkster .. in many ways, he HAS grown up. Yet it's as if he has regressed in terms of fan approval. So I thought to myself, what could possibly be some of the reasons this is going on...?

1). I think that many people began to make the switch from Bones enthusiast, to full fledged Bones Hate Monger is when he began to tear through their favorite fighters. Bones is very unforgiving in a fight, and isn't the type of guy that will rest a guy down easily after choking him out (check Machida fight), or let up after visibly wobbling and/or take it easier on a guy that is impossibly outmatched in that particular fight for w/e reason (check Shogun fight).

2). Because its the cool thing to do. Lets face it, a lot of the times we hear something enough or see it enough times it inevitably becomes ingrained into us kinda like a song that gets stuck in your head, like it or hate it .. there you are singing it. Besides its a lot easier to go along with whats popular then to make-up or formulate your own opinion by actually studying the guy .. yuck .. who wants to do that!? Especially that fan that isn't exactly hardcore but isn't a casual either .. One who checks the sites, but cant name more than a few fighters.

3). Jon Jones cant make up his mind. Its one thing to preach all about morals and values, but its another to do that, then turn around and (although its legal isn't the most honorable thing) try to kick a dudes knee in, or the various borderline illegal stunts he pulled in the Shogun fight. I mean (and I cant remember who said it) but Bones needs to embrace his inner dickhead and just go all out. He needs to just go full on" heel". I honestly don't think he is built for being a "face". I mean he can try, but its just gonna keep getting worse, and just isn't going to fit him. If he wants to ever even try to live up to the Ali comparisons, then he needs to take a page out of his book and start believing his own hype publicly, and not privately. It would be awesome if he just came out and said .. "I know I'm gonna whoop Rashads B*%$H ASS AND ANYBODY THEY PUT IN FRONT OF ME!! CAUSE IM THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!1!"

4). He's young. People love a champ that has earned his stripes and has a long impressive fighting agenda. This maybe the reason Brock was so polarizing. I mean he wasn't as young as Bones, but his rise to the top was after what 4 fights? Now don't get me wrong Bones on the other hand IMO has very much earned his belt. He has demolished the competition and easily too. Since he is so young though its easy to point at his age and say how much he has to learn, how he hasn't had much time to really prove himself .. and loads of things that people just love to say just because he is younger than a lot of the people who watch his fights.

This fan post isn't to try and sway anybody into feeling one way or the other about Mr. Jones. This was more simply to ask why you think Jon Jones has gotten the reputation of fighter with lots of "haters" when I would say no more than a year ago probably half those same people were on the OTHER side of the fence and couldn't wait for the next time they got to see this man fight. Me being one of them..

Although I'm not as vocal in my distaste for the way the man carries himself, I can say with certainty I share the same sentiment as a lot of our posters here on BE .. where we say "I love watching the dude fight, but can care less for his attitude, and the things he says and does outside of the cage."

What would Mr. Jon "Bones" Jones have to do in your opinion, to regain that spot he had in many of our hearts once before (BEFORE its all said in done, too many legacies are forged long after the career is over)? Will he ever get back to being that fighter that could do no wrong ? That fighter that when he did slip up or did something cringe worthy wasn't instantly over-analyzed and blown up? Will or wont he ever live up to the expectations or comparisons to an Ali or Jordan of MMA if he continues his dominant and impressive run?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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