UFC 145: Jon Jones And Rashad Evans Get Heated On 'Ultimate Insider'

It's not exactly a secret that Jon Jones and Rashad Evans aren't exactly big fans of each other and things are heating up quickly as their UFC 145 clash draws near. The two men were on UFC's 'Ultimate Insider' to discuss their light heavyweight title fight and they wasted no time trading barbs over everything from the history of Greg Jackson's camp to just exactly how each man sees the fight going down.

First, the video:

MMA Mania transcribed some of the key quotes from the confrontation.

Jon Jones' take on Rashad's history with Jackson's MMA led to the first real confrontation of the interview:

"Greg, he said, basically, Rashad is always welcome back. You know, Rashad will always be like a brother to me. You know, he spoke so highly of Rashad. On numerous occasions, he really did everything he could to keep some type of rapport. On the other hand, you have Rashad, who's bashing the program and the history --"

Rashad interrupted him there with:

"--The history? I made that history! What are you talking about? I'm the one who helped make that history! You're the one who came into it. You came into it! Don't talk about the history, when you have no roots in the history! Don't talk about -- I helped make Greg Jackson! I helped make him the reason why you even wanted to come there and train. So, don't talk to me about the history of the team, bro! Don't talk to me about the history of the program because, motherf*cker, I made that program!"

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SBN coverage of UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans

Evans continued on Greg Jackson and his loyalty:

"That's the big thing about it. That's why I feel so disrespected. It's like, 'So, now Greg, you're gonna go against me? You're gonna go against me, right? You gonna go against Georges St. Pierre? Oh, okay. You gonna bring in Carlos Condit? He helped make you too. So where does your loyalty lie?' So, if you're gonna go against the people that helped make you, and I was somebody like in Jon's position, I'd be like, 'Man, if he'll go against some people that were with him, to help him get his notoriety, to help him get where he is, then damn, what would he do to me?'"

Later, Jones would talk about exactly how he sees the fight going down:

"I tell you to your face. Rashad's way of winning this fight is his huge right hand or to try to get me down, round after round. I know the ways that I could lose this fight. I'm not naive to my weaknesses. But at the same time, I'm a wrestler too. I don't think he realizes that. And I have WAY more technique on my feet. It's only getting sharper and faster and cleaner. So, you say what you want to say and how you know that you're gonna beat me, but trust me, i know the way I can lose, and I'm training for that. You don't think I'm training extensively in my bottom game? My takedown defense? You don't know if I'm gonna shoot on you or if it's gonna be a fake shot. You just don't know what you're getting into. Say what you want, but I know, just as much as you think that you know."

To which Rashad responded:

"Jon, you just showed me exactly why you're gonna lose. Because you think you know. You don't think all my opponents watch me fight and say, 'Ah, Rashad, he does this. Oh he does that.' There's such a difference when you're in there with me, when you're in there with me, I can get you to 'skip to my Lou.' And you will 'skip to my Lou.' You're gonna do exactly what I want you to do."

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