UFC Ranking Preview


Ranking MMA fighters is a complicated task. Everyone uses a different system for their rankings. I just want to make a preview before I start my ranking series to explain a little bit about how I rank fighters.

For three years now I been fine tuning a strategy to make my rankings as accurate as they can be. In order to do this, I've made a data base to keep track of the small details other rankers might overlook. In the database I have these categories: Fighter's record, Zuffa record, UFC record, record of last 3 years, weightclass record, Key Wins/Losses from last 3 years, record of last 5 fights, and current winning/lossing streak. Here's an example


Jon Jones (15-1) (9-1) (9-1) (7-1) (Rua, Jackson, Machida) (Hamill -DQ) (5-0) (6W) (12/10/2011) (4/21/12 vs. Evans)

Since MMA fighters are only as good as their last fight, I place more importance on a fighter's most recent fights. I believe 3 years provides an accurate picture of a fighter's skills compared to others in the elite class. By using this time frame I can easily narrow the gap between younger fighters on ther rise and aging stars on the decline.

I also believe being active is key componet to keeping rankings fluid. In order to make my rankings ever changing I keep track a fighter's last fight date and next fight date. If after 6 months a fighter has not had a fight and also does not have one planned, they are remove from the rankings. If they have a fight planned, the planned fight date must be within one year of their last fight date, in order to remain in the rankings.

Also I remove fighter's who have official retired or fighter's who have been given a mandatory suspensions, from my rankings. For instances Brock Lesner was immedatiely removed when he announced retirement. Also Thiago Silva was removed when he was offically handed down a year suspension after testing postive for non-humun urine. Now Silva is booked to fight Gustaffson on April 14. Since April 14 is more than a year from his last fight against Brandon Vera on January 1, 2011, Silva is uneligable for my rankings until that fight happens on April 14.

Since I see rankings a ladder a fighter must climb to a title shot, a fighter will only appear in one weight class. The current weight class they are competing in. So as soon as a fighter is booked for a fight in a new weight class or a fighter officially announce their intentions to move to a new weight class, the fighter is removed from it's old weight class and placed in his new weight class. Maybe it's just me, but I hate rankings that have a fighter ranked in two or three weight classes.

Since these are pomotional rankings, a fighter's promotional record is taken into consideration. So a fighters success in the UFC also affects their ranking.

Of course rankings are a subjective topic. I understand that many people will not agree with my rankings and if you don't I welcome your opinion on them. I just ask that you give some rational for your disagreement. Not just saying this guy belongs here, that guy belong there. Make a stong arugement for change. If your rationale is solid I'm willing to make a changes.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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