Dana White: "We're Looking Into Seven Round Title Fights"

After a classic fight between Frankie Edgar vs. Ben Henderson was close enough to merit a rematch, along with the Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz interim title earlier that February, there's been some controversy over the rise in immediate rematches. Diaz of course avoided a potential rematch by retiring from MMA because you know bro it's like, whatever man. UFC President Dana White has an idea to combat this problem: Seven round title fights. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend (and boy has a lot changed since I left there in 2005....primarily the fact that I could probably enjoy going to the Las Vegas Strip now. While there I caught up with White as a big fan of his and asked him what his thoughts were on these rematches:

"Here's the thing with title fights, they're so fucking close most of the fucking time, that five-rounders aren't enough," White proclaimed. "I know I've made the mistake of having three-rounders as main events lately and now all of them are five, but I'm definitely looking into the possibility of seven-rounders. I bet you that if you asked the average person on the street if they wanted two more rounds of Edgar/Henderson, they'd say....."

"Who the hell are Edgar and Henderson?" I interjected.

"Well no shit you stupid (redacted)," White retorted. "But these fucking fans would LOVE another two rounds of those two going to bang. Hell, I might just make all main events seven-rounds but if certain title fights are close we're going back to UFC 1 days. That's right, we're going to have no fucking time limits and the title will be decided when there's a finish."

My unlikely extended conversation with Dana White included several discussions about the UFC and MMA in general. I've included a small excerpt....

On cutting King Mo: "Listen, there are things you just shouldn't say in public. What King Mo said was utterly disrespectful to that fucking bitch and he needed to be punished. He's never allowed back in a Zuffa banner again for as long as it's still 2012."

On Dakota Cochrane: "I wish him the best outside of the UFC, it's unfortunate he didn't make it to the house, and the whole gay porn thing is really not a concern of mine......"

On Dennis Hallman: "He's injured right now so he doesn't have a fight booked but if he comes into the cage with a fucking sissy-looking Euro speedo I'm going to cut his ass that night."

On international cards: "We're going to Liverpool sometime in the Fall and we hope to set up Diego Sanchez vs. Matt Riddle. The UK people are great and they love a fucking great boxing match, they practically invented the sport as we know it, and these two are going to duke it out like Hagler and Hearns or Gatti and Ward. The air in the building will be electrified and fucking swollen when those guys throw"

On Johny Hendricks' upcoming fight vs. Josh Koscheck: "If he wins, he gets a title shot. If he doesn't win I don't give a fuck because he knocked Jon Fitch fucking senseless. He saved me the embarrassment of giving him a title shot for good, and for that Hendricks always has a place in the UFC. What he did on New Year's Eve is almost better than motorboating Kate fucking Upton."

On Mike Goldberg: "He does a great job of describing the advertisements and reading them off in detail even as the fight is going on right in front of his fucking eyes, plus his style of speaking really hits home with our Yoda speaking audience. Which reminds me, by 2014 we want to have a UFC card somewhere in Outer Space. Inter-fucking-galactic fighting is a great dream of mine, and eventually we will hold an event on The Super Star Destroyer Executor."

Yeah yeah yeah you know what day it is. You should've figured I was posting nonsense just by reading the title.

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