My journey to Fargo Nat'l Championships: 1st weekend

It's a slow sunday so i thought id share with the BL community my ongoing journey to try and become a freestyle all-american

My name is Zach Roybal, I'm junior in high school and proud resident of the AZ! I've been wrestling since 7th grade and this year was the culmination of all my hard work. i placed 4th in the folk-style state which, while not that impressive, opened eyes and possibilities for my future. I gained enough attention at the tournament to realize wrestling in college was a viable option. But i need one thing to get even looked at by any top universities, all-american status. Thos weekend was my first step towards that goal, and man was it hectic.

I woke around 9:30 with a pounding headache (for reasons to remain undisclosed) and realized i had thirty minutes before weigh ins started for the tournament, which at this time i believed to be at Desert Vista High school. I scrambled outta bed, woke up my buddy who was supposed to give me a ride, and set off to the tournament. My buddy dropped me off at DV where we parted ways. but within about 5 minutes i realized something was wrong. I wandered around campus a bit before i finally realized, oh shit the DV tournament is next weekend. Panic ensued as i tried to figure out where the tournament was actually taking place. Finally i was able to contact my mother, bless her heart, and she informed the tournament was at mesa high, about 45 minutes from my current location. I didn't even have to ask and my mom was already on her way to pick me up and get me to my tournament. I swear this woman is a god because she managed to get me to the tournament with time spare. I got to weigh-ins, stepped on the scale. 124,6, only 11 pounds over my regular season weight ;)

Now the fun begins! They put up the brackets and somehow i ended up in the 132lb weight class, 8lbs above what i weighed in at. "Fuck..." my mom says (shes a lot nicer than her language let on) but i was undeterred. The following videos show my journey through the rest of the day.

after those wins i was in the finals. Id been watching the kid i was gonna wrestle all day through the corner of my eye, and i was a tad bit nervous.

1st place never came easier, and my first step towards fargo was a sucesss

Edit: I'm the one in the red singlet

Edit 2: videos fixed :)

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