Winter Is Coming. Again

Yes that's right. Game of Thrones returns to our screens tonight and after re-watching season 1 over the past 2 days (thank God I did) the anticipation is high. On that note I decided it was appropriate to give each character a UFC fighter/MMA personality equivalent. Now bare with me. Most of these are a stretch and make absolutely no sense in terms of the story but it's all a bit of fun at the end of the day. Feel free to add your suggestions to improve and enjoy the show!

Robert Baratheon - Dana White

The big boss man. He was once a pretty decent fighter and in good shape but has really let himself go. He has a quick temper and is often very fickle and petty. His main interest in becoming the king is to do what he wants. Loud and brash he is the face of the country.

Cersei Lanister - Lorenzo Fertitta

Although Robert is king, it is arguably Cersei that has the real power. Uses her influence over Robert to get him to do what he wants. Quiet and unassuming she is secretly deadly and vicious.

Ned Stark - Randy Couture

Despite having a falling out once or twice over the years, Ned remains completely loyal to the king. Lives his live by honor and code. Perhaps a little naive which was the cause of his death.

Catelyn Tully - Kim Couture

Eh...Ned's wife.

Jamie Lannister - Jon Jones

The pride and joy of the Lannister family Jamie is good looking, well spoken and a fierce warrior. Often using his physical gifts to his own advantage, he is not afraid to play dirty every now and again as he showed when he earned the nickname 'The Kingslayer'.

Tyrion Lannister - Demitrious Johnson

Nicknamed 'The Imp' Tyrion is not necessarily the strongest physically but uses his cunning mind and the fact that he is often underestimated to his advantage . He has also shown promising tactical combat game-planning.

Joffrey Baratheon - Carlos Condit

A truly 'Natural Born Killer', Joffrey may still be young but his ruthless style and vicious streak have led him to the crown. Even if he may only be keeping it warm for the rightful king.


Joffrey Baratheon - Bryan Caraway

A bit of a douchebag, we aren't quite sure how he managed to end up with the beautiful Sansa. Cocky and annoying despite his apparent lack of skills, he at least showed some unwillingness to strike a lady. (Although he had no problem with commanding someone else to do it.)

Robb Stark - Michael Chandler

Son of Ned, he is a true warrior. Despite being fairly young and inexperienced he has proven himself worthy of his father's name and has captured his own title after an epic battle (which was unfortunately unseen by the masses). Even if it may not be the biggest and most prestigious in the land.

Jon Snow - Gray Maynard

The bastard child of Ned he is unwanted and unloved by most. Because of this he has decided to leave The North forever and travel to another camp. Dull and usually boring he must now settle for being Lord Commander Jeor Mormont (Jose Aldo)'s personal bitch slave.

Sansa Stark - Meisha Tate

Although she isn't particularly smart or good at fighting, she sure is pretty.

Arya Stark - Cyborg Santos

Although her gender has often been questioned we can confirm she is actually a girl. Extremely gifted in combat she is clearly the better of the Stark girls and would utterly destroy her sister in a fight.

Daenerys Targaryen - Lyoto Machida

Nicknamed 'The Dragon', Daenerys has used her unusual style and underrated good looks to win over the crowd who were unwilling to accept her at first.There are rumors she even consumes parts of the body without throwing up.

Viserys Targaryen - Chael Sonnen

Brash, crude and arrogant ,Viserys has managed to annoy and irritate the whole Dothraki tribe to the point were they all want to kill him. Tried to talk trash and disrespect Daenerys but was well and truly put in his place by Khal Drogo.

Khal Drogo - Anderson Silva

A complete and utter bad-ass he is undefeated in combat. He takes no shit and along with his Khalessi Denerys he ruled over the community for quite some time. His reign may be approaching it's end however as he was injured in his last battle (and is now dead).

Jorah Mormont - Steven Seagal

Exiled and banished from his own country he was a figure for ridicule and mockery before becoming the assistant of Daenerys. He has now proved himself as more than a hanger-oner and has in fact not only taught Daenerys and Khal some useful moves but has saved Daenerys life. May also secretly harbor an affection for her too.

Petyr Baelish - Cesar Gracie

Controller of the coin, Petyr's true intentions are never quite clear. He is not to be trusted as he has a reputation for lying, cheating and tricking others to get his own way. Nicknamed 'little finger' he seems to have a finger in every pie and makes it his business to be in everybody's business.

Varys - Greg Jackson

Another mysterious character whose intentions are never quite clear and is not to be trusted, Varys has spies everywhere even in the oppositions camp.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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