The Next Evolution in Ground Fighting

Some Brazilian dude using the 60/40 guard or whatever via

Ground fighting is one of the foundational aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. In the early days of the UFC, grappling reigned supreme as strikers were at a total loss at how to combat a grappling assault. A parade of striking based fighters would sneer that they had developed a new hybrid system of striking or that the grappler would never get a chance to take it to the mat, but the fights would all end with the striker tapping out.

Since then MMA fighters have adapted, creating true hybrid fighters who are able to employ both striking and grappling techniques. Strikers have taken back the sport, with champions like Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos, Jose Aldo, and Dominick Cruz all winning matches based on their ability to bring their fists and feet into contact with their enemy.

But one man is swinging things back in favor of the grapplers with his revolutionary technical ability, and it is only a matter of time until his techniques are apart of every fighter's tool belt.

video after the jump...

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Master Wong...

Now at first glance this technique seems very similar to the ones employed with great success by Fabricio Werdum in his fight with Alistair Overeem or Thales Leites in his super competitive fight with Anderson Sivla, but there are differences. Both those fighters are constrained by their BJJ way of thinking, in that they were "pulling guard", but the key detail to notice here is how Master Wong falls flat on his back and does nothing.

He deftly defends the kick, but he makes no effort to get up or prevent the pass to side control, because that is what they are expecting and in war, one must be unpredictable. Master Wong has perfected a technique for blocking soccer kicks one armed and catching head stomps, a must learn for anyone truly serious about self-defense.

When the top man throws a punch, Wong controls the wrist and throws an extremely powerful kick to the temple, which if it does not kill your opponent it is almost sure to knock them out. But if you miss that is ok because as Master Wong shows you can also break the arm from that position by... well he doesn't actually show it but I'm sure it's there. Finally, you preform a wrist lock sweep as your opponent stands there stunned for two to eight seconds.

Now I know what your thinking, this technique cannot possibly work because the Unified Rules of MMA don't allow kicks the head of a grounded opponent and allowing the top man to kick is a key part of this. And your correct, in this case Master Wong's techniques are limited by the rules of the Octagon and it just another example of regulation ruining something we love. We need to legalize head kicks on the ground so that fighters can willingly submit themselves to them in an attempt to gain an upper-hand in the fight. But I can see the wave of the future, which is why I have resigned from my BJJ school and am subscribing to Master Wong's YouTube channel, which is where I will be getting all of my martial arts training from now on.

Thank You to BJJ in MMA for finding this video and changing my life.

Happy April Fools Day Everybody!

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