10 Flyweights That the UFC Should Sign

It has almost been a week since the introduction of the UFC flyweight division at UFC on FX 2, and it’s clear that the weight class needs more fighters. While many UFC Bantamweights such as John Dodson (12-5) and Louis Gaudinot (5-2) will likely cut down to 125 pounds, the flyweight division is still sparse, and there is a myriad of talent outside of the UFC that could add depth to UFC’s newest division. I’ll help the UFC out and let them know about ten flyweights that they should sign.

Jussier "Formiga" da Silva (12-1)

Now that Ian McCall (11-2-1) has been signed by the UFC, Jussier da Silva has become the top flyweight not yet signed to a ZUFFA contract. "Formiga" is a consensus top 5 flyweight on just about anybody’s rankings, and his wins over top fighters Mamoru Yamaguchi (26-6-3) and Shinichi Kojima (12-4-5) validate that. Da Silva uses his elite BJJ, slick submissions, and speed to defeat the majority of his opponents.

Rambaa "M16" Somdet (9-2)

It may not be likely for Somdet to compete in the flyweight division due to the fact that he primarily fights at strawweight (115 lb.). Despite being small for the weight class, it would still be a pleasure to see the 5 ft 2 in Thailand native in the UFC. Somdet is talented on the ground, but his ability to incorporate his speed with his technically sound striking game is where Somdet shines.

Mamoru Yamaguchi (26-6-3)

Yamaguchi doesn’t just make this list based on his awesome Afro, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t help. He is dripping with charisma that could garner him a cult-like audience. Coming off a loss to Jussier da Silva in August, Yamaguchi should be hungry for a win as he has never lost back-to-back fights in his career. Yamaguchi is a dangerous flyweight that prefers to strike where he is able to showcase his powerful looping hooks.

Dustin Ortiz (8-1)

Continuing the trend of fighters with fantastic hair, Dustin Ortiz has potential to really be a top fighter in the flyweight division. Still in the early part of his career, Ortiz has been impressive recently with a win over Josh Rave (18-9). Ortiz is one of the most fun fighters to watch as he is hyper-aggressive and is relentless with the pressure he forces on his opponents.

Darrell "The Mongoose" Montague (9-2)

Montague’s impressive six fight win streak which features a victory over Ulysses Gomez (9-2) was abruptly snapped by Ian McCall at Tachi Palace Fights 10. Despite the defeat, Montague is a talented fighter that should easily resonate with the UFC audience as he is one of the few top American flyweights. Montague is a well-rounded fighter that usually wins the stand-up battle with his long reach.

Shinichi "BJ" Kojima (12-4)

Shinichi Kojima's last two wins have left more to be desired, but Kojima still remains a top ranked flyweight. Kojima is a scrappy fighter that deserves a shot in the UFC to test his ability. Kojima has quality stand-up, and he’s able to put together painful combinations. Prior to any UFC fight, he is first scheduled to take on Nam Jin Jo (6-3) on March 10th in Korakuen Hall in a fight that Kojima needs to look impressive in.

Jose Maria "No Chance" Tome (28-3 2 NC)

After a loss to Jussier da Silva in early 2008, Tome went on to not lose in his next sixteen fights, the only blemishes being two no contests. Tome has dominated the Brazilian flyweight scene with his grappling game. Finishing four of his last five opponents in the first round, Tome is due for an upgrade in competition, and the UFC should give a "No Chance" a chance.

Ulysses "Useless" Gomez (9-2)

Gomez is currently the Tachi Palace Bantamweight Champion. He is a fighter that has embarrassed inferior completion, but has faltered when facing some of the top fighters in his weight class. If the fight hits the ground then it should favor Gomez who is one of the more talented BJJ fighters.

Roy "The Punisher" Docyogen (10-0)

Roy Docyogen is another fighter that fights at strawweight, but could fight in the flyweight division if push comes to shove. Docyogen is a prospect from the Philippines with legitimate potential. The ground is where Docyogen thrives as he beats his opponents by wearing them down with ground and pound and eventually submitting them with a slick transition into a submission.

Alexis "The Exorcist" Vila (11-1)

Vila’s contract situation with Bellator is unclear, so it’s possible that UFC wouldn’t be able to sign the 40 year-old that took the MMA world by storm with a 1st Round KO upset over Joe Warren (7-2). While his Bellator fights have been in the bantamweight division, fighting in flyweight isn’t a stretch for the Olympic Bronze Medalist wrestler. The combination of powerful striking and elite wrestling is a deadly one for the Cuban fighter


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