My God This Cormier: He is going to WRECK Barnett




Word up Daniel. Word Up.

So the StrikeForce Grand Prix is coming to a close, and most likely Strikeforce along with it. What better way to bust that final nut than all over Josh Barnett's (proverbial) Face? I have never been a very big fan of Mr. Barnett. Maybe it's all the times he was caught using performance enhancing drugs while fighting, or maybe it's all the pro-wrasslin' shenanigans. Maybe it was the time he unapologetically kicked Mo straight in his giant Samoan baby factories. Maybe it's just that smile.

Anyways, for a while now (definitely the smile) I've wanted Josh to face someone that wasn't tailor made for him to beat, and now he has finally backed himself into a corner he can't get out of. Here's what's going to happen:

Cormier has the ability to keep this on the feet for as long as he wants, and Barnett cannot hang with Cormier on the feet.

If he does make a mistake and Josh gets it down, his scrambles will take it back to the feet.

Cormier is a tirless engine of descruction. He has the chin to take anything Josh has, and his heart alone would be enough to outlast a man of Barnetts character. Steroid users all suffer from inherent mental weakness, and Daniel Cormier could be one of the hardest motherfuckers on the planet.

This isn’t someone tailor made for Barnett who

a) Can’t stop a TD
b) doesn’t know what to do in the case it does. I give you Barnett's previous Opponents:

2. Geronimo
3. Rogers
4. Mo
5. Yvel
6. Rizzo (Great skills but a non elite relic from the Tank Abbot era)
7. Monson (5’9!)

Are we noticing anything in common about these men? Great fighters all but something seems to be missing.

In the current HW climate this does not put Barnett even in the top 5 imo, certainly not anywhere near number 2 or whatever the fuck silly spot he is at right now. I like shit talking as much as the next guy but I don’t let it fool me into thinking this guy would have anything for the top 5.

This is how Barnett wins fights. When was the last time he faced an elite level guy that could stop him (easily IMO) from implementing his game? Hmmmm, I would be tempted to say Nog, but he aint stopping the TD, nor would he be all that concerned about it hitting the floor. Nog has nothing on Cormier’s skill set, nor did he even in 2006. Bold? Sure. But I think Cormier wrecks Nog now, and decisions the 2006 version 50% of the time.

But I digress. Barnett simply has Never faced a fighter of Cormiers overall skill set. He can stop and escape everything Josh can do to him in terms of grappling. He will not tire, he will not break, and he has the striking to make Josh pay horribly over the course of 5 rounds. Once Barnett feels the tides turning, he may go for a low blow as a last ditch effort but it won’t be enough to stem the flow of rage being dumped upon his body.

Really, once he realizes he can’t get Cormier down, and he is getting blasted on every exchange on the feet, the look on his face is going to be worth all the shit he has caused over the years, and then Cormier can put him away so hard no one will want to pick him up. Then Dana will fold up Strikeforce and Josh can go pro wrestle for the rest of his days.

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