An Insight on Jon Jones' Athleticism

A week ago the NFL had its yearly Scouting Combine. My first love with sports is football so I was anticipating this event to see if there are any people I think the Falcons should draft that will lead us to the Superbowl. The Falcons have no first round pick this year, but need help on the offensive and defensive lines. Some draft sites have us possibly looking at Chandler Jones, who is the brother of Jon Jones. So he became of dual interest to me. I was already interested to see how he'd do, but now he may end up on my team also.

Jon Jones' athletic ability has been seen as one of his strong points since he entered the UFC. I was curious to how athletic he is. Now Chandler Jones isn't Jon Jones(Chandler is 266 vs. Jon's 225), but they are similar in build and Chandler is basically the upcoming "uber Jones" that will be terrorizing the HW division in about 3 years. So how Chandler performed here then I would extrapolate it on to his big(but smaller) brother.



For those who don't really follow the NFL or aren't that familiar with it I'll explain why I'm putting such high regard on the NFL Combine. In my opinion, and it is a fairly common one, the NFL has the best large athletes on the planet. Brock Lesnar is/was the poster child for freakishly athletic guys in the MMA. I wouldn't say guys like Lesnar are a dime a dozen in the NFL, but they are common. The NFL throws away tons of guys for "lack of athleticism" that any boxing or MMA gym would cream themselves if he walked through their doors. Hell, at this years combine there was a 347 pound man that ran a sub 5 second 40 yard dash time. It takes more than athleticism to be a great player in the NFL(or in any sport) but NFL teams use the combine to measure the athleticism of people they are considering drafting. A simple way to think of it is that they use it to see if a guy on film is truly fast or if he was playing against/with slow people.

Chandler Jones Stats:

6'5 266 LBs

35 1/2 Arm Length

Bench: 22 Reps of 225 LBS

40 Time: 4.87 Seconds

Vertical: 35 Inches - tied for 4th among DL

Broad Jump: 120 Inches - Tied for 5th among DL did a write up explaining how he did and breaking down the above numbers:

Jones measured in well at a lean and long 6-foot-5, 266 pounds. He also had some of the longest arms at the event at 35 ½ inches to go along with 9 3/4" hands.

Before he could strut his stuff on the field, the defensive linemen tested on the bench press. There, Jones managed just 22 reps - good for sixth among 44 total participants.


Jones began by clocking two 40-yard dashes in the 4.8-second range unofficially, and the times held up. He was officially clocked at 4.87 to crack the top 15 on the day. Steadiness is a good sign, though he doesn’t have the speed that some hoped for in terms of playing 3-4 rush outside linebacker. Jones did, however, run a top-5 10-[yard] split during his 40-yard dash at 1.60 seconds.


The group headed to more testing after that, and Jones really took off. He notched the fourth-best vertical jump among D-linemen at 35 inches and tied for fifth in the broad jump at 10 feet.

He did quite well and solidified his 2nd round grade. He isn't a freakish athlete by NFL standards(Donteri Poe took that award), but he was clearly among the elite. Chandler really stood out in the tests of explosiveness(vert, broad jump, and 10 yard split) so he is explosive AND athletic, Joe. He seemed to struggle somewhat in the technique drills and that appears to be what takes him from a first round grade. So Chandler Jones kinda shows what UFC Light Heavyweights are dealing with when it comes to their contemporary in Jon Jones. The top ends of the division(and every division) has great athletes. Guys like Shogun, Rashad, Rampage, Bader, and others are great athletes, but Jon Jones is an elite one who has a high aptitude for combat sports. As a result of that we see why most of his opponents have looked like they aren't on his level.

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