The Ultimate Fighter Live: Cruz Vs. Faber - Episode 4 Live Results And Discussion

TUF Live: Team Cruz vs. Team Faber Poster by Anton Tabuena

It's week three of the "reality" portion of The Ultimate Fighter Live: Cruz vs. Faber. Tonight we'll see a fight between Al Iaquinta and Myles Jury with Urijah Faber really needing Ianquinta to come through with a big win for him. Faber's team lost the first two fights, most recently seeing Cristiano Marcello fail to "keep his chin down" and being knocked out by Justin Lawrence.

In a press release following last weeks show, Iaquinta said "Got called out tonight; not the first time, probably won't be the last - and I got my ass kicked early that time, then won the fight. Jury's never been in a war like I have." While Jury kept it a bit more simple with his statement "I feel great, I've been waiting for this opportunity my whole life. Al's a tough opponent, and it will be the toughest fight of my career."

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Jury is a significant favorite for the fight, up as high as -325 on some sites.

We'll have running commentary throughout the show in the comments, but will have the play-by-play for the fight right here in the main body of the post. So come back and join us for what should be an interesting bit of action.

Myles Jury vs. Al Iaquinta - Round 1 - Jury with a ew kicks and Al throwing hard punches back. Nice uppercut, hook combo by Jury. Jury lands hard in a flurry and Al with a shot of his own in return. Jury throwing a lot of head kicks. Good leg kick by Jury and he looks solid early, moving well and choosing when to engage. Two hard shots by Jury again. Leg kick again by Jury. Jury's combination he keeps using is the same over and over. Iaquinta with a right straight that lands.Al with an overhand now and he's starting to find his timing a little more now. Head kick by Jury and a flying knee. Jury goes or a takedowna and Al turns it into a leg lock attempt. Al has him tangled up in a really strange position (is it a spladle?) but Jury gets up and suplexes him. 10-9 Jury round.

Round 2 - Accidental low blow by Jury but Al is okay to continue. Really odd first minute with a lot o posturing. Jury catches him with a nice shot that buckles his legs. Somehow it's Al that lands the big follow-up and Jury is going backward now. Iaquinta trying to pounce but Jury looks like he's steady now. Nice right hand from Al. Body kick by Al. Al getting the better of the striking exchanges now. Jury is starting to look beat. Jury takes the back standing with a nifty little go behind but Al gets out with 90 seconds left in the round. Jury is being completely passive now. As I type that he lands a hard flurry. Big right by Al. Takedown by Jury n and he punches a bit to close the round. Interesting to see if he just stole the round but I had it 10-9 Iaquinta to even it up.

Round 3 - After saying there'd be a decision, suddenly we're told they're going to sudden victory, but that's after a 5-7 minute break. This is really bizarre. Al comes out hard and Jury covers up but gets through the storm and tries to come back hard. Leg kick by Al. Left hook by Al and Jury is just beat here. He is doing nothing to prove that he deserves the win. Both men land hard left hooks. Right hand by Al. Leg kick by Jury. Last minute and either guy could still win the round (and fight). Jury went for a takedown but got shrugged off. I guess 10-9 Iaquinta.

Official scorecards: 10-9 Jury, 10-9 Iaquinta, 10-9 Iaquinta. Al Iaquinta wins by split decision.

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