Top 5 fighters you'd pay to see Fight ANYONE.!.!.!.!.!

GSP is the best Welter weight out there and UFC was looking to find someone that would give an interesting fight for GSP and they couldn't find anyone in the UFC, so they looked to Strikeforce and saw Nick Diaz as the fighter for the job. What? the top MMA company couldn't find an interesting fight in their own division. Therefore, GSP, the most complete fighter EVER, does not make the list. And NOPE, Nick Diaz didn't make the list either because he only uses his hands when it comes to striking and I'm pretty sure you won't be seeing a headkick knock-out by him anytime soon. His stiking game is not diverse and he doesn't have too much knock out power either; but rather, he relies on multiple strikes to finish his opponents and playing with his opponents heads to brawl with him which was why the underdog, Condit, was able to get the desicion.

Below, is my list of people who I'd pay to see fight any other fighter. I don't really have any criterion to base them on, but personality isn't why I watch fighers, but it is why I watch Interviews i.e. Rampage or Cheal.

Who? & Why?

5.) Lyoto Machida = he's the best counter attack fighter I've ever seen simply because he attacks with ever getting hit. I would be interested to see him fight just about anyone. I became a fan when he was able to catch Ortiz with a perfectly timed knee to his stomach. He's interesting to watch. Don't beleive me? He was choosen to fight Jon Jones after losing to rampage and getting one win over Randy and got a Title shot.

4.) BJ Penn = Great boxing, speed and has killer instinct, he even has wrestling. His BJJ and his take down defense is also really interesing becuase he's so flexible with his limbs (Diego's take-down attempts). When ever I have my Non-MMA-fan friends watch a BJ penn fight, they tell me how his body looks so weak and they always pick his opponents to beat him. They become instant fans of him when they see that he's a beast when it come to fighting; and they always remember his name too.

3.) Jose Aldo = KO power, speed, agility, unpredictable attacks, strong soccer legs for kicking, and 2nd most complete fighter next to GSP. I loved his punch to Homincks body and crazy powerful kick to his leg combo; That was beautiful. Was I the only one that jumped out of his seat out of shock when Mendes was holding Aldo and he spinned around and threw a knockout knee to his head and ended the fight? It was Madness.

2.) Anderson Silva = Safe to say he's the best striker in MMA. From flying knees, to KO elbow, to Toe Knock outs. And he's got BJJ to back it up when he needs to. When you're good enough to joke around in the middle of a fight and put your hands down and allow top trained fighters to throw their best strikes at you, then you Anderson are Super Human. His confidence gives me confidence to always pick him for the victory. So, the only reason Sonnen is getting a second shot is to see if it's possible for a Super Human to lose.

1.) Jon Jones = Also Confident, Super unpredictable, crazy limb length, and Super intelligent when it comes to using his length in the fight game. After watch is episode of sports science, they showed that he is Super Human compared to average man. How can you not be interested in a fighter that' been finishing every fighter that's been put in his way. And you know everytime you watch him fight, he's learned new techniques and he's not shy to try them out in the fight. After every fight, he seems to look like he's unbeatable because of his rapid growing fight IQ. The only question remains in his fights is, what do his oppenents have to offer against him. Who doesn't love a Dominant champion; it makes him the undisputed champ with out any doubts.

Who do you think I'm missing here, who belongs at 6th placement on the list? and also explain Why?

Thx for reading.

& The Three Stooges for life, Yo...

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