I'm Fighting this Friday!  =)

Hey guys... just giving everyone a heads up. I am fighting this Friday at Bellator 63. I will be making my return to Mohegan Sun where I made my Bellator debut April 2nd of last year. I am going to have the privilege of fighting once again with 2 of my teammates who also fought on that same card with me about 1 year ago. Me, Dan Cramer, and Ryan Quinn all went 3 and 0 that night, and we are looking to keep that same streak alive come Friday Night.

For everyone and anyone wanting to show there support and represent you can Order my "Official Killa B Walk Out T-Shirt" on my official website. This artwork is original and created by my brother who is an amazing artist in his own right, he is also the reason I got into martial arts while practicing his Karate techniques on me when i was 7 years old... It is unique and something different then the normal MMA or Fight Shirt. It is my own shirt and represent me to the fullest. Summing up who I am as a fighter including my love and passion for Jeet Kune Do & Bruce Lee, also including things like my tattoo's, and emphasizing my samurai spirit. All in a collage format within own my KB logo. We got other shirts and ideas planned and in the works for my own KB Wear brand. Trying to start something that is different and meaningful... something everyone can be proud to wear and represent. I'll keep doing my best to kill it in the cage, but it's nice to venture out to try and build something for me and my family outside the cage as well. After all I can't fight forever... this is just the beginning! :)

Get them while their hot at

( Price includes shipping in the US )

*** For all international inquiries please email and we will try and figure out the cost depending on location which will be done on a case by case basis.

I also want to personally thank everyone that has been a fan and supported me over the years. You guys are a BIG reason I fight for excitement and not just to get the "W". I am a huge fan of this sport and have been since it began... I have always known this isn't just a sport but is also an entertainment industry. This is why I have always striven to create me style to accommodate that. It has been a long and grueling journey that is far from over... but I will admit all of your guys support and appreciation makes all my sacrifices well worth it. =)


BTW my past sponsor Yoked Up who made my other Killa B shirt let me go after my loss with Lima... they were who I was gonna work with to make the "LETS MUTHERFUKERS" T-Shirt... Do to this I chose not to do it with them... but now I am in business with my brother and gonna create my own line of KB Wear. He is already in the works to get that shirt produced... and if all goes well in my favor I should be using it as my Official Walk Out T-Shirt going into the Semi-Finals! I sincerely apologize for the long wait... and nail biting anticipation... but the last thing I ever saw coming was Yoked Up letting me go... but it is what it the mean time you have this bad ass shirt to represent while the other gets made. We will not go silently into the night... NO! We as a community will MARCH ON STRONGER THAN EVER!!! Muahahahaha....... =)

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