Kimbo Slice Boxing Opponent Brian Green Denies Taking A Dive


There's been even more than the usual amount of buzz around Kimbo Slice's most recent boxing win this past Saturday over Brian Green. There's been a good deal of skepticism about the fourth round KO. Most notably by UFC veteran Sean McCorkle who took to the interwebs to declare it a work.

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Brian Green, a veteran MMA fighter with a pro record of 27-17 isn't taking this lying down. He took to Facebook to declare his innocence (full post after the jump):

Finally the cloudiness of a KO Saturday night is wearing off mostly.... Still got a BROKEN ORBITAL BONE (even though I was supposedly taking a dive the whole fight and Kimbo wasn't REALLY fighting me apparently until the very last combination which he lands 3 consecutive punches ON THE BUTTON which turned out my lights)

Well, I took this biggest opportunity I ever have been given, and gave it my all. In the end, Kimbo Slice Placed 3 consecutive punches together and all three connected clean. AFTER I was winning on all 3 judges score cards..

I put everything on the line with this fight, to have thousands of people hating on me claiming I took a dive. smh. I can not believe this, and it really makes me sick.

700,000 Youtube views of people watching ONLY THE LAST ROUND (after I was gassed in the second round) where I got KO'd and 80% of them claiming I took a dive with ONLY THREE SECONDS LEFT!!!!

..... THREE SECONDS LEFT.... Who does that? seriously. . . Now I have a 60 day medical suspension and can not fight the last person who beat me in an MMA Fight 8 fights ago which leaves that promoter in a bad position :( Which I am sorry for. (A re match I have also been BEGGING for, for an entire year now) And I will be missing out on an opportunity to make the most money I EVER have in my hometown with all of my recent success of 7 consecutive Wins. (Sponsors backing me up, Selling more tickets than I EVER HAVE at home, my biggest purse yet to date with the organization, and lastly, the REVENGE of beating the guy who beat me at home..

I KNEW I HAD TO make it to a decision, so I only got a 7 day suspension, and i could fight my upcoming fight April 13, (20 days after Kimbo)

I took the fight against Kimbo, because I truly don't feel he is a legit pro fighter.... He is a savage brawler, and also BACK IN HIS DAY, was very very dangerous.... Now he is old, and I knew I could last a decision... No way did I think I could actually WIN IT. Then at the end of the first round, I felt myself avoiding his bombs, and finding a home for my punches.

THEN I also thought that he would REALLY be out of shape, because his original opponent had backed out and they hadn't found a replacement yet, so I figured he hadn't been training THAT hard.

Avoid the BIG punches, and last a DECISION= Make a HUGE name for yourself, especially for me being a submission guy! You can see how hard he was throwing in the first round when he was fresh, and that he was trying to take my head off.... I think I got in his head at the weigh ins getting in his face, and telling him "I aint scared" and repeating that in the ring at fight TIME!

I ate a couple good punches early, and felt him getting tired. after landing good shots on him, I eventually started telling him "You wasn't expecting THIS was you?!?!" Trying even more to get in his head, and make him doubt himself, and feel threatened.

I WISH i would have got paid extra for all this CRAP I am receiving...

And thanks to those of you who take the time to congratulate me. Those who KNOW I would NEVER take a dive in ANY fight.

I ALMOST beat that Monster. Think I BS'd? BOOK THE FIGHT AGAIN. with an actual CAMP to prepare for him.... Even on only 2 weeks notice. I will SMOKE that fool. PEACE

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