[Preview] My First Book

Hey folks,

Haven't updated on this in a while, but having polished off my series on Igor and awaiting some directions from Nate I've decided I should catch my kind readers up on how the book is going.

The title has been changed to "Advanced Striking: Tactics of Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA Masters" to be more search friendly on Amazon and itunes etc.

The following is a quick copy and paste of the table of contents to let you know what sort of stuff is in there.

Some extra stuff might make it in but none of it will be cut. Page numbers at this stage are approximate so have removed them just for this.

The 8 fighters which BE voted for are present and dissected. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a comment or an email!

The book is under copyright (so please don't steal it) and photography is still being undertaken so I won't reproduce any full pages here, but I hope this whets some appetites!

Cheers, Jack

Table of Contents


The Purpose of This Book

A Note on Photos

Badr Hari – The Golden Boy of K-1

Right Straight to the Body

Head – Body – Head – Head

Drawing Hook

Ernesto Hoost – Mr. Perfect

3 – 4 – 3 Low Kick

Counter Low Kick

Knee Spike

The Diaz Brothers – Machismo Powered Volume Punchers

Lever Punch or "Doubling Up"

Drawing Parry

Window Stance

Floyd Mayweather Jr. - The Pretty Boy

Elbow Block

Hook and Clutch

Body Jab

The Mayweather Cross Counter Variation

Shoulder Roll Counters

Buakaw Por. Pramuk – The White Lotus

Probing Lead and Teep

Step Up Knee

Double Kicks

Frankie Edgar – The Undersized Answer

Duck Out 1 – 2

Jabbing to Knee Pick

Knee Pick to Liver Kick

Outside Low Kick

Running Knee Pick

Junior dos Santos - Cigano

Hands Low Stance

Body Straight Counter

Left Hook – Right Uppercut

Andy Hug – The Blue Eyed Samurai

Hug Tornado

Axe Kick

Round Kick – Rear Straight

Sugar Ray Robinson – Boxing's Smoothest Fighter

'Operation Left Hook'

Safety Lead

Shoe Shine Flurries

Anderson Silva – The Spider at the Center of the Middleweight Web

Southpaw Takedown Defense

Pursuing Right Hook

Front Snap Kick

Back Elbow

Outside Low Kick Trap

Inside Low Kick Trap

Alistair Overeem – The Strongest in Seven Billion

The Cross Counter

'The Uberknee'

Lunging Right Hand

Stepping Lead Uppercut

Fedor Emelianenko – The Last Emperor

Casting Punch

Right Straight – Left Uppercut – Left Hook

Jab and Sprawl


Inside Hand Trap

Joe Louis – The Brown Bomber

1 – 3 – 4

Braddock KO

Back-Step Jab – Uppercut – Left Hook

Jersey Joe Walcott – The Savviest Man in Boxing

Side Steps


'The Perfect Punch'

Manny Pacquiao – The Saviour of Boxing

The Hatton Side Step

Double Left Straight

Weaving Right Hook

B.J. Penn – The Prodigy

Slipping Counter Jab

Sean Sherk Running Combination

Open Guard Cross Counter

Jack Johnson – The Galvaston Giant

Leaping Jab into the Clinch

The Jack Johnson Uppercut

Underhook Left Hook

Roy Jones Jr. - Mr Unstoppable

Right Lead Stance

Step Back Lead Uppercut

Step Back Right Straight

Upper Arms Defense

Jerome Le Banner – The Hercules of K-1

Lead Low Kick

Lead Low Counter

'The Millennium KO'

Giorgio Petrosyan – The Southpaw Doctor of Muay Thai

Jab – Pull – Lead Hook

Jab – Step Back – Cross Counter

Southpaw Knee Strike

The Petrosyan Shift

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