Bellator 62: Freire Vs. Woodard Live Blog And Play By Play

Poster via and cropped to show actual card.

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for Bellator 60. Our live coverage will start with MTV 2 broadcast (8 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event. We will not be doing play-by-play of the undercard, but you can discuss those fights in the comments as well. That undercard stream runs on and and begins at 7 p.m ET.

The very strange Eric Prindle and Thiago Santos saga is finally over and done with. Santos missed weight and Prindle wins (by default) the heavyweight tournament and the title shot against Cole Konrad, Bellator's reigning HW champion.

As consolation, we get the rather stacked Season Six lightweight tournament as our main card for the night. The main event consists of last year's lightweight tournament finalist, Patricky "Big Pitbull" Freire (10-2) against Lloyd "Cupcake" Woodard (11-1). Getting second billing will be former welterweight and Olympic judoka, Rick Hawn (11-1) battling against Ricardo Tirloni (14-1), who was anointed the #2 lightweight prospect in the 2011 Scouting Report. Brent Weedman (18-7), another welterweight dropping down to LW, will fight J.J. Ambrose (17-3, 1 NC), a California striking fanatic. The fourth set of match-ups (and the television opener) has Thiago Michel (9-2), the #1 LW prospect from the 2011 Report, fighting against Rene Nazare (10-1).

This is one solid card - even without the heavyweight headliner. Join me here in the comments and let's have a rollicking good time tonight.

Once more into the breach with me, good BE readers. We are live!

Thiago Michel vs. Rene Nazare

Season 6 Lightweight Quarterfinal

Round 1: In what looks like a classic striker vs. grappler match-up, Michel and Nazare square off with Jacob Montalvo refereeing. Quick glove tap and left jabs from Nazare. Leg kicks and jabs, with Michel occasionally responding and clocking Nazare with a counter right and a front kick. Nazare drives in and clinches, goes for the single and Michel grabs the cage to avoid the takedown. Nazare clinched and firing the occasional knee as Michel sprawls and stalls. Still clinching and Nazare goes for a leg trip to no avail. Still firing knees to a mostly motionless Michel. More knees to the right thigh which is is pinking up. Nazare drives down for a takedown but Michel controls the wrist and back to the clinch. Michel starts to work free, but Nazare keeps the clinch strong. Montalvo steps in to break it up and they separate. Michel goes for another push kick to the face and misses. Nazare fires off a few weak jabs and drives for a takedown again. He's actually taking damage this time in the clinch due to Michel's stiff arms. Now back to the regular Greco-Roman clinch with wrist control by Michel keeping anything serious from happening. They break at the 2 minute mark and Nazare fires off kicks of his own only to have Michel do the same and try a spinning backfist that Nazare drives under. Nazare tries a single leg and superman punch but misses. Michel misses a few sloppy kicks and sort of lands another teep to the face as Nazare drives in. More slow clinch work at the one minute mark. Nazare not doing much, no knees, just moving around and finally gets the single leg and downs the stubborn Michel. A smash guard pass is stuffed and Michel trying to overhook the arms and keep Nazare low and tight. Rene goes for a few punches, but isn't landing anything big. Michel still doing a good job of neutralizing the passes and damage. Round ends. 10-9 Rene.

Round 2: Both are looking to stay on the edge of range and work in slowly. A few light strikes land for both from punches and leg kicks. Both actively shuffling, but Nazare starting to take more damage as he stands still. Michel bouncing around and showboating a bit. Nazare drives in for a double leg, but Michel stands tall and clinches Nazare up against the fence. Odd to see Michel with the advantage here. They separate and Michel fires off a few defended punches. Nazare looking a bit tired as Thiago lands body kicks. A single leg from Nazare gets Michel down to the ground after some spinning and Rene manages to nearly take Thiago's back in a scramble. Back to regular guard with his back up on the cage wall for Michel, while Nazare chills in the open guard and throws light body shots. Rene drives Michel down so his back is on the canvas instead of the cage and they are stood up after some light work from Rene. Back to the striking. Rene misses two high, slow kicks and fakes a takedown and eats a couple punches. Michel the better striker here and Nazare drives in for a double but takes more punishment. Another high kick misses and Rene looks tired. Michel tries a flying knee and Nazare snatches a leg and drives him down. A pass into side control comes to naught as Michel stands. Nazare looks like he's working some type of crucifix deal, but gets shrugged off and is visibly tired. Michel separates and starts unloading mostly defended shots on Nazare. Rene drives again into the clinch and Michel slowly works his way out. Michel being the aggressor in the striking and now fends off another Nazare takedown. Rene gets a takedown and is in the half guard of Thiago as the round ends. Wow. 10-10, I say, to make it 20-19 Nazare after Round 2.

Round 3: Glove tap to start. Michel looking fresher already. Again the sussing out of range and both fighters moving and throwing distance strikes. Nazare's strikes are visibly slower and Michel looks like he's being patient and working the left jab. Nazare tries another swinging front kick and a slow left kick that are easily evaded. Michel throws another leg kick and continues moving in and out of range. A takedown attempt is easily fended off and the two resume the striking inching out. Nazare does the swinging front kick again and lands two leg kicks whil etaking one punch in return. Michel lands a nice inside leg kick and is working the left punches and left leg kicks. Michel seems to be working to the righ and then coming back to the left to strike, which is working, but not landing heavy or often. Nazare kind of standing and tossing out random strikes that are defended. Michel tries a spinning back kick but it glances off the hip of Nazare. Rene drives in for a takedown and after some fumbling gets a nice double leg and is in the guard of Thiago. Thiago keeps the posture broken down and Rene tries standing to free himself or create space, but it's not happening. Some light punches being thrown, but nothing really landing for Rene. Michel still locking Nazare down and defending. Not much action here and Rene stands to try for a standing guard break. Now Nazare is in the half guard and has an elbow on Thiago's throat to keep him down. Some left punches being thrown, but nothing landing much. Thiago throws up a knee shield, but is stuck in regular half guard and defending the punches of Rene. Rene looks to move into mount with an arm triangle set-up as the round ends. 10-9 Nazare for the 30-28 decision as Bloody Elbow calls it.

The split decision goes to Thiago Michel. Not super controversial, as this was a very close and generally action-packed fight. Probably worth a review and subsequent re-scoring in the upcoming weeks.

J.J. Ambrose vs. Brent Weedman

Season 6 Lightweight Quarterfinal

This Weedman video intro is particularly nice. In general though, the Bellator video intros are worlds better than the Zuffa ones (yes, the Sagan pun was intended).

Round 1: Referee Kerry Hatley starts things off. Glove tap and they square off. Ambrose immedeately aggressive , but Weedman fires back and drops Ambrose with a left and backs off. More lefts landing for Weedman and Ambrose clinches and tosses Weedman to the ground. Weedman works back to half guard while Ambrose attempts a guillotine/neck crank. Oh, it's tight and Brent is red in the face and is contorting to get loose, Weedman spins to the top and is loose! Ambrose on bottom of side and now back to half guard. Weedman gets a bit up and starts landing rib roasters. Ambrose latches on to the head again and Weedman drives him back down. Ambrose threatens a guillotine and Weedman pops free while in half guard. Ambrose regains full guard and Weedman is trying to pass. Has to settle for half guard and Ambrose spins with a kimura attempt and flips Weedman. Wow, an upkick knocks loose the mouthpiece of Ambrose out and Weedman magically has Ambrose down and mounted. The pace is frenetic! Weedman keeping a very low and tight mount while Ambrose looks to spin and give his back. Weedman body triangles and punches a bit while attacking the neck. Weedman maintaining the body triangle and slowly picking his spots to attack the neck. Ambrose tries to spin inwards and into top of guard, but Weedman's lock is too tight. Weedman is smacking Ambrose in the head with punches from either side and looking for the mata leo. Ambrose is controlling the hands well enough to block them, but takes a few rights to the head and face for his troubles. Weedman keeps spinning Ambrose around and looking again for the choke. Ambrose still defending but taking punches and is obviously getting less and less active. Weedman's body lock si broken and Ambrose gets back to open guard, but takes more punishment in return. Weedman keeps posture and fends off a desperate takedown by Ambrose as the round closes. Great round. 10-9 Weedman.

Round 2: Wild kick sees Weedman dumped on his butt by Ambrose. J.J. is in top of closed guard and has his wrists controlled. Not much going on, but Weedman hunting a high guard. Ambrose trying a Tozi pass and gets to half guard. Ambrose setting up a brabo and has it very well set. Weedman spins up and onto the top and is trying to get free! He does! In top of side control now and fending off the guillotine attempt Ambrose has him in. Weedman is using the shoulder of doom side pressure to work to mount. Ambrose keeps his feet active and shoves WEedman back to open guard. Brent back to side control with Ambrose's right arm trapped in between his legs. Firing off punches from the Matt Hughes/Roy Nelson crucifix and controlling the far side arm while smothering the buck attempts of Ambrose. Weedman showing very good top control here and slowly grinding Ambrose down. A big knee to the ribs from Weedman gets Ambrose to pull his arm up and in. Ambrose nearly upa's Weedman off, but Weedman pulls back to side control and sets up a Von Flue! Ambroses taps! Incredible, a Von Flue lands once more in MMA! Weedman, submission, Round 2.

Brent Weedman wins by submission at 3:26 of Round 2.

Rick Hawn vs. Ricardo Tirloni

Season 6 Lightweight Quarterfinal

Round 1: This bout is refereeed by Kerry Hatley and we start off with a glove tap. Haw fends off a flying knee and Tirloni gets away with no toss attempt by Hawn. Some hesitant punches are spiced upw ith a missed head kick by Tirloni. Haw takes a leg kick but tries an overhand right in return. Hawn stalking Tirloni around, checks a leg kick and a head kick. Goes in for a right punch of his own and fends off a leg kick with a couple of punches. Hawn drives in for the clinch and Tirloni fends him off. They spin a full 360 degrees and Tirloni fires off knees to the stomach of Hawn. They break and Tirloni comes in and out with punches. Hawn can't get a bead yet and keeps stalking him down. Tirloni has his looping kick stepped in on and fends off punches from Hawn. Hawn throws a small leg kick and then waits a beat before driving in with punches for the clinch. Hawn looking to set up a leg trip or toss, but Tirloni backs out as fast as he can. Tirloni chops at the left lead leg of Hawn. A big punch from Hawn lands on the ear and drops Tirloni. Hawn rushes in for the kill and Tirloni basically looks at Hawn punching him into unconsciousness. The referee steps in after it is clear that Ricardo is no longer defending himself or really aware of what's going on. Tirloni stands up pretty quickly and looks confused as Hawn celebrates. Rick Hawn, KO, Round 1.

Rick Hawn wins by KO at 2:36 of Round 1.

We get a bonus showing of Rad Martinez vs. Douglas Frey from the undercard. It's already happened, but is still entertaining. Rad wins by KO at 4:08 after landing a couple sweet lefts through Frey's defense to knock him down and work the tidy finish.

Apparently Konrad/Prindle can be put together within the month. That's a good turnaround and we can see where Konrad is at in his development now.

Patricky Freire vs. Lloyd Woodard

Season 6 Lightweight Quarterfinal

Round 1: The main event is refereed by Jacob Montalvo. Fierce staredown. Tap of hands to start. Woodard jabs and drives in for a clinch. Both firing off knees and working ofr under hooks. Woodard pulls Freire off-balance and knees him square in the nuts. Montalvo breaks them, calls time and allows Patricky his alloted space to recover.

Glove tap upon resumption after two minutes. Patricky fires off a counter and lands a takedown, but goes back to the feet during a brief scramble. Woodard clinches and looks to drive a knee up into Freire's skull. Patricky breaks and the two exchange hard shots. Both guys headhunting with punches, but missing. Very aggressive movement from both . Woodard hits a straight punch as Freire throws a kick and knocks Patricky down. Freire pulls guard and Woodard carries him to the fence. Freire looking to scramble back to the feet and is on one knee while Woodard knees the butt and looks for getting the right grip. Freire explodes and strips the grips, spins around and gets the counter-double. Woodard stands right back up and into the clinch with his back against the fence. Woodard looking at the TV screen above for hints. Freire drives him to the ground with a pure brute force takedown. Gets into mount and nearly into the rear mount! Woodard reverses and is on top in Freire's guard firing hard punches. Freire is red in the face but defending well and looking for a possible armbar or hammerfists to the face. Freire letting his ankles get controlled and Woodard looks to toss them aside and pass. Freire fights back to butterfly and nearly shunts Woodard off in a sweep. Freire back to the feet fends off takedowns and lands hellacious shots to Woodard's face. Freire nearly eats a knee but gets the takedown. Woodard is on his back and holding Freire in half guard while controlling the head. Freire looking to pop free and punch the ribs. Woodard switches to the kimura on Freire's left arm. Patricky slows down and postures up right. They are in a stalemate of sorts and Patricky forces his left arm out of real danger. Now he looks to fire right handed punches into Woodard's face and crunch down from half guard. Great round! Giving it to Patricky for the harder shots and the nice takedowns. Cupcake is all game though. 10-9, Freire.

Round 2: Intensity all the way up! Woodard opens aggressively, but misses with a hopping kick. Freire fires back a bit, but nothing significant. Freire looking to land lunging left hooks as he drives forwards, but all miss. Woodard clinches and then gets into punching range. Both guys are firing heavy, yet Pitbull is landing better. Woodard lands a big knee and Pitbull saves himself by getting a single leg attempt. Woodard fights it off and is on top of Freire's open guard. Woodard scrambles into side control and seizes the kimura! Patricky seems confused and goes the wrong way! Woodard gets head control with his legs and flips Patricky. Is this another Mir/Nog?!?! Patricky taps! Referee steps in. Replay shows that Woodard broke Patricky's arm! Mini Mir/Nog! Woodard, submission, Round 2.

Lloyd Woodard wins by submission at 1:46 of Round 2.

High energy speech from Lloyd Woodard closes us out and Michael Chandler laughs in appreciation of the intensity. Been a great card and a great time with you all. Join us next time here on Bloody Elbow.

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