The Ultimate Fighter Cruz Vs. Faber Episode 3 Live Results And Discussion

TUF Live: Team Cruz vs. Team Faber Poster by Anton Tabuena

Tonight we see week two of The Ultimate Fighter tournament on FX (week three if you consider the fights to get in the house). Unlike in past seasons of the show, the live nature of this go-round means that we head into the broadcast knowing exactly who will be fighting live to end the episode. It will be Justin Lawrence and Cristiano Marcello mixing it up in one of the most exciting early round bouts I can remember.

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In a press release this week, Lawrence had the following to say about the bout:

"I'm definitely training hard for my upcoming fight again Marcello. It's exciting, nerve-racking. He's a very good grappler so I really want to try and stay on my feet and make him feel uncomfortable as much as possible. I don't want this to turn this into a Jiu Jitsu match cause I know that's his strength. Dom's crew (Team Cruz) has been doing a phenomenal job in training and preparing me and I'm pumped. I just have to fight my fight."

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We're going to do things a bit differently for tonight's show, I'll be providing live commentary in the comments during the "reality portion" of the episode while the actual live play-by-play of the fight will be up here in the main body of the post.

Make sure to join me here for this evening's episode.

Justin Lawrence vs. Cristiano Marcello - Round 1 - Lawrence is circling right away while Marcello stands his ground in the center of the octagon. Lawrence with a big overhand right that just misses cracking Marcello. Lawrence throwing a lot of kicks and punches that are coming up short but now lands a hard leg kick. Two punches and a kick by Lawrence. Lawrence misses with a punch and Marcello comes running forward throwing punches while Lawrence just runs back to the center of the cage without getting touched. Lawrence getting in with a few more punches now and he easily avoids Marcello's first takedown attempt. Two more punches get in for Lawrence. Hard left hook lands for Lawrence now and Marcello has to figure out a way to get this to the ground because he is just getting out maneuvered on the feet. Both men throw kicks at the end of the round that miss. 10-9 round for Lawrence.

Round 2 - A lot of the same with Marcello not looking to have much of a plan on the feet although he does try to get a takedown and ends up doing a bit of buttscooting. Lawrence landing some punches but not doing a ton of damage. Nice Shots by Lawrence now and Marcello drops but Lawrence won't follow him down. Another hard left cracks Marcello and rocks him. Lawrence is really putting it on him now. Big left hand lands and Marcello is out! Justin Lawrence wins by KO (punch), round 2.

Al Ianquinta vs. Myles Jury is your fight for next week.

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