3 months of wrassling

My training consisted of 3 times a week of 3 hours of pure wrestling. Are team was tiny as hell. Like 7 guys. After a month it dwindled to 4 guys and the amount of 1 on 1 coaching was incredible. I've only had one other wrassling coaching before the ones I had here. I was exposed to 4 different wrassling coaches. A cuban guy called Americo, a white guy, a phillipino guy named Andrew Vargas, who was the 2009 Josiln's Champion 142.9lbs and a guy named Neil, who looked exactly like Cuba Gooding Jr. and apparently worked with some Canadian olympic wrasslers.

Wrestling pushed my physical limits like no other sport I've ever participated in. This includes Hockey, Soccer, Tae Kwon Do, BJJ, Muay Thai and Basketball. The rapid pace of practices and non-stop conditioning is relentless. It's the only sport where I've wanted to throw up. And I probably could have if not for having no food in my stomach and being quite dehydrated from the amount of sweat. It's grueling and tedious. We always worked the "fab 4" at the start of class. These consisted of a duck under to the back, a single leg, a high-crotch and double leg take downs.

And after going through these 3 months I can clearly see the major importance and why the notion of wrestling being the greatest base martial art to have is indeed true.

1. Impossible to have shitty conditioning

2. Sprawl. Learning to defend Takedowns is key. You hear about these guys who were collegiate wrestlers, but you wonder why can't they take so and so down, it depends. They could have been a very defensive wrassler who just defended takedowns and countered.

3. Strength. Before I would do jiu jitsu and feel incredibly weak. Like compared to guys who actually trained and worked out. I don't lift weights. But after 3 months my strength has at least doubled what it used to be.

One extreme negative. In wrestling they preach to you to "give up your back" essentially so you don't get pinned. I rolled with this one guy, who had been wrestling quite longer than I had and he would be overwhelmed.

I've left wrassling since the owner was making the team pay. If I was going to pay I was not going to pay 550 over 3 months for just wrazzling.

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