OT: Apps and Games for iPhone and Android

I'm bored. So I thought I'd create this thread for people to discuss, recommend and rate games and apps for the iphone, ipod touch or andorid. I myself rock a 2nd gen bad boy ipod touch. It's probably the love of my life despite its growing years. At the minute I'm rocking out Zombie Highway, Ski-On-Neon and Jetpack Joyride. What apps or games do you use the most? Are there any good MMA apps or games that you use/play? Do you have GameCentre or Openfeint? If so add me (ourbovinepublic) so your score can be shamed in a more public forum. More awesome games after the jump.

The Awesome iPhone Game Hall of Fame:

Fruit Ninja - If you have an iPhone and don't have this game you should be ashamed. Slice fruit until your heart is content!

Mega Jump - Possibly not the most original game in the world but it was the first of its kind that I seen on iPod before loads more like it came out. Jump and tilt your screen to collect coins and power ups etc.

Gyrotate - Little known puzzle game that involves moving layers of a square around so that colours are matched up. Really addictive and time consuming with loads of achievements and challenges.

Peggle - So incredibly awesome it's hard to comprehend. You have a limited number of balls to clear a certain number of blocks (pegs). Catch the ball with the sliding bucket at the bottom for an extra ball. Power ups depend on which character you choose.

Plants vs Zombies - Quite possibly the greatest ipod game of all time. Like a desktop defender game except you use plants to defend against zombies. Different zombies and plants have different effects on each other etc. Also has many different game modes and challeneges to keep you coming back for more.

Football Manager - The greatest time waster of all time now available on iPod. Not quite as fun as on the pc but still devours time like no other.

Robot Unicorn Attack - You are a robot unicorn. Run as far as you can whilst smashing through glittery stars. Make sure to play with the music on

TurtleFly - See how high you can get your turtle to fly by upgrading his jetpack and power ups etc.

Temple Run - Run as far as you can without being caught by the demon monkeys that are chasing you!

Zynga Poker - Poker for free your ipod.

Solitaire - I love me some solitaire. I've clocked over 18,000 games and rank in the top 5% for Draw 1 wins.

Solitaire Whitehead - A variation of solitaire where there is no redeal. Can't seem to find this on App Store but play it on my android phone all the time.

MMA Apps:

SB Nation - I rarely use this as I find it either takes an absolute age to load or its crashes as soon as it opens. It's a pity because I would love to be able to mobile comment on BE.

MMAFighting - Along with Junkie, probably the best apps for getting MMA news. Don't check it that much though.

EA MMA/UFC Undisputed 2 - Got a free trial version of both of these. Oh my they suck

King Of Predictions - Handy little app for making predictions on your iphone. They only do big shows like UFC and Strikeforce and they don't include the prelims. Also I have no friends on it so if anyone else uses it hit me up.

Laters haters

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