Georges St. Pierre Targets Return At UFC 154; Talks Potential Super-Fight Against Anderson Silva

GSP's doctor says his ACL rehab is the fastest he's ever seen.

On yesterday's press conference in Calgary, Alberta, Dana White announced three future events to be held in Canada. It will be Calgary on July 21, Toronto on September 22, and Montreal on November 17.

Georges St. Pierre also participated on the presser and he gave an update on his rehab. The UFC welterweight champ says he's targeting a return on that Montreal PPV event which would be UFC 154:

"My rehab is going very well. The doctor says it's the fastest rehab he has ever seen for an ACL surgery."

"Even though I'm feeling almost 100% now, I'm just half-way through my rehab and I can't push too much because my graph isn't fused properly. Even though my muscles feel good, I have to wait until I'm allowed to start training again."

"I'll be training full out on July. Hopefully I have a chance to fight in front of my Canadian fans in November. I'll cross my fingers and hope that will happen."

GSP also added this tweet:

Only halfway through rehab, but my goal now has a name, date and place: UFC 154, NOVEMBER 17, MONTREAL!!!
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His return will likely be to unify the welterweight titles against Carlos Condit, but St. Pierre also talked about a potential bout against UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. Check out his thoughts on the super-fight after the jump.

When asked about his thoughts on that possibly facing Anderson Silva if he gets past Condit, and Silva gets passed Sonnen, here's what Georges said:

"I've had that consideration of course, but right now, I'm focusing on one thing at a time. I'm focusing on my knee. Once my knee gets back to 100%, I will focus on getting back my title. When I get my title back, depending on what is going on, and when the stars are aligned, maybe we'll see in the near future what will happen. It's something that can happen of course."

Dana White, who has said in the past that both guys "need to clean out their divisions first", told the fans that if things line up, he's more than willing to make it happen:

"I know Anderson couldn't make 170, so it would depend on Georges moving up, or those guys could meet at a catch-weight. Believe me, I want to put on big fights. I want to put on fans want to see. I know how big that fight is... Imagine if we did Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva anywhere in Canada, how big that fight would be. I would love to do it, we'll see what happens."

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