A Modest Request to Regular Posters and Our New Moderator Overlords

First off, congrats to our new moderators. Not that my opinion matters in any way but I fully support all your selections and I look forward to some truly superlative moderating in the near future.

Now to the crux of this Fanpost: Please put your previous screen name in your sig. TC. Engel, you get a pass. Using your real name from the get-go was either a sign of true confidence or unsettling narcissism. Either way, I still know who you are.

The same, unfortunately, can't be said to David Strummer or Charles Awad. I do not know you. You are a stranger to me. In ages past I traded witty rejoinders with Monte Fisto and Blackout612 about a wide range of topics and won them all in convincing fashion. But you and I? We have no history. That makes this almost a first date of sorts, and I absolutely hate (and am bad at) dating. So fix this vexing situation by putting your previous screen name in your sig.

This serves three purposes:

- It allows instant recognition when I don't immediately remember who you are in the comments section. You may expect that this will resolve itself over time as I begin to naturally associate your real name with your previous incarnation. But you have grossly overestimated my brain's ability to learn new things. It, and I, need help.

- It's a reminder of BE's history. The community on this site is pretty fantastic and you guys (among many others) have been a big part of that success. Maybe it's just personal projection, but I think you should put your screen name in there to remind us peons that you came up through the ranks and earned your big boy pants the hard way. The right way.

- I want you to do it. Pretty self-evident.

Cheerfully Yours,

Forbidden Psychological Technology (which I will be FOREVER)

UPDATE: In what I interpret to be immediate obedience to my wishes, this request has now implemented for all of our moderators with the exception of Chris Hall and the previously-identified sociopath T.C. Engel. You're welcome, Internet.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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