The Top-235 Fights of 2011: #174

Don't worry, I won't be singling out fights, just trying to move fights around different posts TO GET THIS TO FUCKING POST.

UFC 136
Date: October 8
Setting: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
Fight: Anthony Pettis vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1 - Pettis with a few punches that come up just short. Stephens throwing hard punches coming forward and a nice leg kick that lands. Stephens with a right hand and a takedown. Pettis works a leg up high and then pushes off and they're back to standing. Accidental low blow on a leg kick by Pettis. Punch for Pettis lands. Stephens is looking for the heavy punch still but mixes in a nice low kick. Pettis looking for kicks to the body but Stephens doing a good job of blocking. Stephens pushing him into the cage now. Stephens with another takedown and he has Pettis against the cage. Pettis landing small punches to the side as Stephens can't do anything with the takedown before Anthony stands up. Right hand lands for Stephens. Body kick by Pettis. 10-9 Stephens.

Round 2 - Stephens with the accidental low blow now and Pettis says he can continue. Punch lands for Pettis. Pettis with a takedown now and Stephens scoots back to the cage looking to stand up but Pettis turns him. Good elbow off his back by Stephens. Stephens tries to stand and almost gets his back taken so he's right back down. Stephens stands up and Pettis is working around to his back standing. Another takedown by Pettis. Stephens with sort punches to the body and he stands up. Another takedown by Pettis. Stephens stands again but Pettis is just sticking to him against the cage. Stephens looks for the standing kimura and Pettis slides to the back. Pettis gets both hooks in now and switches to a body triangle. Pettis looking to find a choke as the round is running out. Stephens gets on top during the final seconds but can't land anything. 10-9 Pettis to even it up.

Round 3 - Right hand by Stephens is blocked. Now he walks forward throwing big shots and gets a takedown. Pettis tries for a triangle choke and Stephens just postures up to avoid. Leg kick by Pettis and a head kick that is blocked. Right hand by Stephens. Pettis tries for a takedown but Stephens reverses it and it's Pettis that is on his back. Pettis with a sweep off his back and they're standing with Anthony pushing him against the cage. Pettis with a takedown and Stephens trying to stand up using the cage. Pettis continues to look fro the takedown and he does get one. Stephens gets up but Pettis remaining glued to him. Stephens with short punches and he reverses a takedown attempt by Pettis and it's Stephens on top again. Stephens briefly had the back but Pettis gets up. Stephens with a takedown at the end but Pettis bounces up. VERY close round and fight. 10-9 Pettis I guess, but very close.

Result: Pettis SD

Scorecard: 29-28, 28-29, 29-28
BE Scorecard: 29-28 Pettis
BV Scorecard: 29-27 Pettis

Fight in Five Words: Two strikers...grappling? It worked.

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