Social experiment: Let's see if we can get fighters to do what we want them to via Twitter

I'll admit it- I suck at using Twitter. I only have somewhere around 10 tweets since I joined almost a year ago. I recognize that many of our favorite fighters, executives, and analysts in the MMA biz use Twitter, but I just haven't been able to get that into it; I find the conversations difficult to track, the layout confuses me, and all those #'s and @'s and underscores fluster me like crazy.


But with the advent of Joe Benavidez being on the shelf because of a colossal fuck up on the part of the Australian "Athletic Commission," I thought it would be fun to tweet Joe B. Wan the following:

looking for something to keep busy, Joe? You should enter the Mundials, registration due by March 23'rd

Since Benavidez will have some free time in between now and September (the projected date for the Flyweight tourney finals), I think it would be time well spent to keep sharp and compete in some grappling tournaments. Aside from the Mundials (taking place in late April through Early June), this Summer also features the NAGA World Championships (April 14'th in New Jersey, registration still open) and the Grappler's Quest Nationals (July 21'st in NJ).

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(Who WOULDN'T love to see a guy who routinely chokes out Gracie black belts rolling in the Mundials!?)

If you guys would like to see JB keep busy, then you should retweet this. More fighter suggestions after the jump.

The next guy I think it would be interesting to send suggestions to is none other than Stefan "Jabs? How do those work?" Struve. For a while now, I've wondered why a man of Struve's physical build hasn't seeked the help of legendary 4x K-1 HWGP champion, and fellow Dutchman Semmy Schilt- the man who basically wrote the book on fighting tall. I get that Struve is a protege of Bob Schreiber, and he certainly comes across as loyal, but I just don't get why "Skyscraper" has never enlisted the help of "Hightower." With Schilt's prolific use of the jab and teep, he has proved an extremely disarming fighter with dangerous power at times; like Struve (and all other men as tall and lanky as them) there is always the problem of mobility and getting tagged by hard punchers who can get inside, and while Semmy has never been perfect, on his best days he has absolutely been able to use his reach to keep harder punchers at bay.


I just tweeted this to Struve and Schilt:

Hey Struve, you should try to hook up with and learn from the master how to fight tall!

If you guys agree, you should retweet it. Put any other fighter suggestions in the comments, and let's try to get the full weight of the BE Community behind our twittering efforts!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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