Photos: Ronda Rousey Makes Fractal Art From Mathematical Equations

Ronda Rousey says she's a "closet nerd", who also used to armbar people to buy frappuccinos. -- Photo by Austin Hargrave for Showtime

In an interview with, Strikeforce Women's champion Ronda Rousey talked about a myriad of interesting topics. One of the funny anecdotes the Judo expert brought up was how she used to hustle people and made money off armbar-ing random dudes:

I remember when I was in high school, me and my friend Jackie would go to Palisades Park [Santa Monica, Calif.], and we would bet guys that we could beat them up for $5 or $10. I would throw them down and arm bar them until they would say, "I give up, I give up!" We’d take the money and go buy frappuccinos. That’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t expect in Santa Monica, right? Two girls picking fights, getting the prize money, and getting a frappuccino. [Laughs.]

Another interesting tidbit that people might not know about the very colorful life of Rousey, is her apparent interest in making art from mathematical equations:

I make fractals. They’re like mathematical pictures. My step-dad is actually a rocket scientist, so in his free time, he gave me a fractal program for fun. He showed me how to use it when I was about nine or 10, and I made thousands of fractals. You know how you make a graph, and you see the line on the graph of an equation? If you take that same equation through every single point, it will make a picture. You’re pretty much seeing pictures of different equations that you mesh into each other. You see fractals in nature all the time like nautical shells and stuff like that. They are those things that people look at when they’re tripping on acid, and they’re like, "Oh my God, it’s infinite," because you can zoom in forever and you an zoom out forever, because it’s a number. It’s infinite. It’s really cool, you can play with the colors and everything. If you go to you can go to the galleries and see "Ronda’s galleries". Those are a bunch of the fractals that I made when I was younger. I still make them. It’s different. I’m a closet nerd.

Here's one of those "Fractals" that she mentioned, which she interestingly named as "Asma Says It's Cool":


Rousey is obviously a great athlete and a tremendous fighter, but I think it's pretty cool to see much more details and fun facts from her very colorful personality. Check out more of these awesome fractal art after the jump.





"The Inside of My Knee":




"Green Swirl 2"




You can click the images to view a larger version of them, and you can check out the entire gallery here.

HT: MiddleEasy

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