The Official BE UFC Drinking Game

Belitists! Mount Up! I've taken the time from my busy schedule (lawl) to scowl the internet for an official drinking game specifically for BE. This included visting such quality websites as Sherdog (ugh), Bleacher Report (ugh) and the offical UFC forum (UGH. HOW DO I EVER TAKE PART IN THAT COMMUNITY?!) I have compliled the list from the best of all those all well as some from the fan posts and suggestions made by the BE community (especially the goldberg is an ass, here's some stupid things he says fanpost the other day). If there are any rules you think should be added or taken out leave a comment in the... comments section. Rules after the jump. Remember! Drink Responsibly! (LAWL)

Take a drink when:

  • Any time Joe mentions Diamond MMA Cups
  • Any time Joe says ‘its deep’ or ‘it’s tight’ or ‘its locked up’ or claims ‘this is it’ but it then turns out to not in fact be it. Or ‘he might have it here’
  • Any time Joe/Goldie shout he got rocked when he did not
  • Any time Joe says he’s on queer street
  • ‘Superman punch!”
  • Underrated ground game
  • K-1 Level striking. If you want to learn how to strike properly watch ________.
  • Improved striking
  • Wrestling is the most important base
  • Any time someone thanks Jesus/God
  • Joe mentions Eddie Bravo or mission control
  • Explosive or athletic for a black fighter
  • Anytime Dana refers to a fighter as ‘this kid’
  • Anytime Goldie calls a teep. Or mentions a turk position.
  • Anytime he compares anyone throwing a front kick to Anderson. Or throwing knees in the clinch.
  • When he compares anything putting his opponent against the cage to Randy. Or he says ‘OH a little bit of dirty boxing. You know Joe, one fighter that used that strategy was hall of famer Randy Couture.”
  • The crowd chants USA!
  • Classic grappler vs. striker matchup
  • You know Joe, when two grapplers/wrestlers cancel each other out on the ground we tend to see a kickboxing match!
  • What we have here Joe, are two ever evolving mixed martial artists!
  • Coming up next!
  • Someone posts lets mutherfukers
  • Someone posts a pic/gif. Then a take a drink for everyone that comments underneath telling them not to.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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