UFC 143 Results Recap: Nick Diaz Vs. Carlos Condit

Image via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

In the main event of UFC 143, Carlos Condit stuck to a very intelligent gameplan and picked up the UFC interim welterweight title by defeating Nick Diaz by unanimous decision. The scores were 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47. The bout was closer than the scores made it appear, with Diaz having a case for winning three of the five rounds. Fans have been bitterly divided over the opinion of Condit's gameplan, which involved him landing strikes and circling away from being cornered by an oncoming Diaz. Either way, it's impossible to deny that the gameplan was effective.

The first two rounds were close, with Diaz coming forward and landing strikes while Condit threw leg kicks and avoided damage. Condit seemed to pull ahead in the third and particularly the fourth, while a visibly frustrated Diaz started throwing less strikes. Condit was controlling the fifth as well until late in the round when Diaz managed to get his back, lock up a body triangle, and attempted to submit Condit. "The Natural Born Killer" held Diaz off until the final bell though, and claimed the decision

What was the high spot of this fight?

Probably either Diaz trash-talking Condit in round two, or Nick's back control and attempted subs in the final stanza.

Where do these guys go from here?

Whether you were a fan of his style or not, Condit is now the UFC interim welterweight champion. He has two choices - he can wait until Georges St. Pierre is healthy (likely in the fall) and unify the titles in a bout with the current champion. Or, he can choose to defend his interim title in the meantime. A rematch with Diaz would be a possibility, along with bouts with Josh Koscheck or the winner of Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez.

Diaz announced his retirement after the bout, believing he had won decisively and showing his disgust with the final scores. Whether Diaz goes through with that remains to be seen, but it doesn't seem likely. A rematch with Condit is a possibility, as is a next bout with Josh Koscheck or a whole host of top contenders. Will we see Diaz in the octagon again? My guess would be a definitive yes.

Watch it now, later or never?

Now. While it wasn't even close to what people expected excitement-wise, watching Condit implement his gameplan and frustrate Diaz has to be seen to be believed. Plus, you can decide for yourself whether Diaz has a legitimate gripe regarding the scoring or not.

More Bloody Elbow coverage of UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit in the full entry.

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