Rampage, the *#$%@en dickhead! (2 Month Anniversary Collector's Edition with F.U.B.A.R. commentary)

Hahaha, Guess what Gspmademegay found? That's right bitches...Rec Away!!!

So I was visiting my inlaws in california this week and decided to spend some time in LA for the new years. I bought some 150$ tickets that allowed me to club hop and had open bar at a few clubs throughout the city to allow me to have a good time.

I started at the Geisha house and then went to the egyptian place that had an open bar. After a couple of drinks I winded up being at the ECCO club. After argueing with the bouncers for about 20 minutes they finally let us in because we had VIP passes that we had paid for.

Some random coked out kid was like Rampage Jackson is in front of the restraunt in a bottle service area. So, I immediatly checked it out.

I went straight to the area pointed out and found Jackson. He was drinking grey goose and surrounded by japanese chicks. I bugged the bouncers around himn for like 30 min to ask if he would let me up or come down to shake my hand for a picture and he said no. He even wouldn't let me even shake his hand, with no pics. BUT, what he did do was......

My wife is kind of an MMA fan the same way that I am a Kardashian fan. She watches what I watch and I'll watch what she watches. Jackson was surrounded by obvious hoe's. My wife asked to see Jackson and was denied by the bouncers. Then Jackson pointed her out and had her come into her booth.

I was extactic. Jackson was finally going to let me in the VIP booth! My wife danced with him and once he found out she wasn't putting out (I guess)

He kicked my wife out and squashed any hope of that happening for me. He even flipped me off, which I took a picture of and smiled at him the whole time. He looked like he was joking, but seriously its hard to tell. Beer balls would have had me slap him because I know he fights around my weight but he was around a bunch of guards and he would have kicked my ass anyways, but I may have gotten my point across anyways. But, that was not an option. I kept bugging the staff and the bouncers were really cool to me and kept trying to make a point to bring me up to meet him. Even they wanted me to meet him. They turned away people that were doing the same thing as me. I was very coridal about everything. I even talked to his Wolf's Lairs trainers about recent fights and they were really cool guys.

I EVEN BOUGHT HIM A SHOT OF GREAY GOOSE, which was like 20$, (dont drink at ECCO its crazy expensive). Which he was drinking at the VIP booth and his girls took it and I saw him drink it. Nope nothing.

I tried it all. "I'm not your average mma fan" "I've followed Jackson since PRIDE" I pulled all the stops....... and then.

He invited my wife up again, she pointed to me, and he immediatly kicked her off the stage and flipped me off again.

I am on record saying I will never again route for Jackson again, and I am glad that Jones fucken owned the guy. Made him his bitch you could say. My shot, was told that it would not be given to him, because he was training to fight Ryan Bader and he couldnt drink. I not only saw him drink my shot, but he polished off his bottle of bottle service vodka.

The guy just wants to get his dick wet and doesnt give a shit about his fans. He was into my wife like you read about and could have cared less about me, the real fan. Fuck sake the guy flipped me off for like 10 minutes while I just smiled and took pictures of him. I understand, some guys were rushing the stage, but the bouncers took care of them quick and never even got to him. I actually got to talk to him and he was a total dick to me on none threatening grounds. I never rushed his place or even yelled "thats Rampage!". I was just like that's Jackson can I get a picture with him. They said no and then my wife was called up and the guy just shit on me the whole time.


His antics on tape, are the real Jackson.

So dont doubt Jones so much, that guy probably genuine in person and real.

What a fucken let down.


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