Condit's masterful gameplan.

Hi everyone. Look, first things first, I am no writer and I am excited after seeing a good card. Tonight was a fun night of fights. I wanted to comment real quick about the Diaz/Condit fight. This fight was awesome.

Let me get this out of the way just so you aren't wondering, I am a huge fan of Carlos Condit, always have been. I like the Diaz brothers, I love the way they fight, and I love watching them do what they do. Tonight's fight was fantastic.

I've already read through a lot of the comments and of course people are complaining about Condit "back pedaling." There was no Octagon control by Diaz and Condit was not back pedaling. He had a great game plan and he executed well.

There were many great things about this fight one being the fact that Carlos kept trying to land big shots and did on Diaz. The ONLY time Diaz landed good shots on Condit was when he was up against the cage. I seriously don't understand how it is running away when someone doesn't want to be backed up against a cage against a fighter who excels in that position. That's like complaining about someone not getting stuck on the cage against Randy Couture.

Condit had the better of the exchanges when it was in the center of the cage. He kept landing and his "weak" leg kicks did damage as shown when Nick was wobbled by one a few of them in the 5th. What do you think Nick and Nate do throughout their entire fights? Are you opposed to the pitter patter that breaks opponents down? I'm certainly not. I love seeing them do that, but I love seeing someone do that to them even more.

I really really hate to say this but Diaz was exposed this evening. Now this doesn't mean I think he is a terrible fighter. He is one of the best however we saw that his past opponents up to this point have fallen into the Diaz trap. They started brawling with him, they were stuck against the cage, and they freaked out when they started to get hit. Kudos to Diaz for that. Tonight we saw Condit make Nick fight his fight.

Lastly very sad to see a great fighter like Nick Diaz resorting to taunting in the final round to try to get Condit into the fight. C'mon dude, go after him. Have the balls to come in and take the fight to him. I cannot stress enough that this wasn't a case of Octagon control. Diaz was not throwing until Carlos was near or on the cage.

Anyway, great night of fights. I wanted to get this out there. From here, I think we are going to see an aggressive badass Condit against GSP. I for one sincerely hope that Carlos takes out GSP.

Thanks everyone.

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