Levan Razmadze: Next big heavyweight?



I tend to find myself spending a lot of time searching fighter records, fight results and rankings at places like fight matrix and sherdog. Well last year looking at who knows what I came across the name Levan Razmadze while searching for undefeated heavyweights for mock match making I was using for a proposal. He is 5-0 and has finished all of his opponents to date. He also is the DEEP Megaton Champion which is their Super Heavyweight class but he usually weighs in between 270 and 275 meaning a cut to Heavyweight is not a problem at all. He’s basically a Heavyweight pre weight cut, we all Japan loves the big guys and let’s be honest Megaton Champion sounds so much cooler than Heavyweight Champion.

I’ve followed him over his last three fights in Japan for the Deep organization and I can say I like what I’ve seen. Yes his striking is still a work in progress it shows with his brawling style of throwing punches. For the most part though his stand up is mainly utilized to get within a takedowns reach of his opponent. Where he really excels is in the grappling department which should show due to his judo and chidaoba (wrestling) background. Once the fight hits the ground his work rate is phenomenal for a heavyweight, constantly working for better position and looking for submissions. In this aspect he really reminds me of Nick Diaz on the ground relentlessly working the position regardless of what it is for an arm, neck or leg all while smothering his opponent and still finding the time and angles to throw blows. Going to the ground with a guy like that is scary based on the fact there’s no room for error and it only takes them a fraction of a second to adjust and tap their opponent. I’m looking forward to following Levan’s career as it advances and with that said here are 5 scenarios I wouldn’t mind seeing him in over the next few years.

Vs. Chris Barnett – A good up and coming prospect in his own right Barnett tends to bring the fight to his opponent. He has a tendency to knock out his opposition even though he has a strong wrestling and grappling background. This is a fight that could go down in XFC at heavyweight or bring the beast boy to Japan and forget the weight cut. Overall this would be a good measuring stick to see where Razmadze stands against fighters outside of Japan
Vs. Tony Lopez - Lopez is the ultimate measuring stick for determining where you stand in terms of being ready for top 20 competition. He himself is one hell of a fighter who could easily hold his own in the big leagues. He has always fared better at Heavyweight and is extremely well rounded. This fight would very well show if Razmadze is ready for top 20 competition or if he needs a little more time building his resume. And we all know King Of The Cage is a great starting point here in the states.
Vs. Jeff Monson – Monson is the guy that has always almost made it but seems to always be right on the other side of the fence when it comes to recognition for his accomplishments. He is a workhorse who takes fight after fight at the age of 41 and after fighting 6 times in 2011 he finally took a much needed break to rest and heal which means his next fight back we could see him 100% and healthy which would be a dangerous fight for Razmadze if he were to be that opponent. This is a fight that we could see happening in various organizations and or countries.
Vs. Andrei Arlovski – This would be a great test for Razmadze against an opponent has been written off but can be very dangerous if underestimated. Arlovski has ridiculous punching power, he is after all the only person to K.O. Roy Nelson something Junior Dos Santos’ fists and Werdum’s knees* couldn’t get done. He also has excellent sambo which we never see utilized enough. Against Razmadze he would be forced to use his grappling, giving us a chance to see where Razmadze stands at this point in his career. Pro Elite make it happen.
In Bellator Heavyweight Tournament – This would be the final stop before the big show. Bellator is pretty much where the top 10 prospects go to further their career before moving on to try and become the best in the sport. This one’s pretty self explanatory.

Overall I think Levan Razmadze can become a top 25 fighter over the next two years with the proper dedication to the sport. I personally do see that being an issue seeing as he has already had 5 fights in the first year of his career. His opponents were a combined 33-25 which isn’t bad for 26 year old who only has a year in the sport and is already 5-0.

Jason Burum.

*Werdum's Mauy Thai is underrated and those knees were no different than if Nelson was taking some uberknees.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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