HELP: Dissect my Dissections


Even though I've been blessed with a rippling physique and the centerfold contract for Sexy Ammunition magazine, I endeavor to improve.

The news of Leland leaving was monumental. BE has lost the bulk of their feature staff writers from yesteryear and, as a newer entry, I recognize the value they provided and want to do my best to deliver different but equally compelling content.

So I'm looking for some honest and detailed feedback on how to do so. Here are some random questions that pertain to me personally that I'd like input on.

  1. Dissections: what do you love, what do you hate, what could be added, eliminated or changed?
  2. Level of Detail: more, or less?
  3. Professional vs. Moron: I embrace my split personalities by trying to avoid being neither in entirety. I like to keep the gist as what would pass as professional, technical analysis but break up the stale monotony with light-hearted humor. Overall, I want to write the most diverse and enjoyable fight prediction possible. Lend your opinion on how my balance of these two could be better.
  4. Heading Pictures: this is a weird thing of mine, but another way to keep things unique is my ever-changing Dissection graphics. Along with the research, gif-hunting and overall level of detail, I literally spend 80% of my life on the articles and will standardize on a graphic or use stock photos if the "custom artwork" (STFU) makes little to no impact.
  5. Three Phases: I used to categorize each breakdown into the three phases of combat -- free movement, clinching and grappling -- but covering each fight made that too much work. Was that format any more interesting? I think it's the best way to break down a match up but extremely time consuming.
  6. Lesser Fights: I was a bit put-off that I'd spend 1800-2000 words on 3-4 fight prelim Dissections and get 3-4 comments. Oddly enough, instead of spending less time on them, I did one article for each UFC 144 match up. Do you guys care about those fights? If so, what did you prefer -- the whole undercard in one or individual articles for each fight?
  7. Finally -- any thoughts on whether I should reduce time on Dissections in order to free myself up for other topics? I haven't written many editorials (most have been on judging) or done many interviews because of the Dissection workload.

I take criticism to heart so be honest and unafraid to divulge anything negative.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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