UFC 144 Results Recap: Tim Boetsch Vs. Yushin Okami

via Esther Lin of MMAFighting.com

In the third fight of the pay per view broadcast of UFC 144, Tim Boetsch came from behind to finish Yushin Okami in the third round. The time of the stoppage was :54 in the third. Tim Boetsch was down on all score cards before landing several devastating uppercuts that knocked Yushin Okami out. The bout was the eighth of the evening.

Yushin Okami spent the first ten minutes of his bout at UFC 144 dominating all aspects of the game. He dictated the first round with quick footwork and a snapping jab. Okami decided to impose his formidable grappling in the second round. Boetsch was able to defend against several choke attempts but ate big punches after Okami postured up from mount. With a clear deficit on the scorecards, Boetsch knew he needed a stoppage to get the victory in the third round. He connected on Okami with a powerful head kick that set off a flurry of uppercuts leading to a knockout victory.

What was the high spot of the fight?

Tim Boetsch's come from behind win over Yushin Okami. The finishing sequence was amazing and cements the fight as one of the top comeback victories in UFC history.

Where do these guys go from here?

The upset will propel Tim Boetsch into the top 10 of the division, whether he is deserving of such status or not. He'll likely have to face fighters such as Mark Munoz, Michael Bisping, or Chris Weidman. He's talented but I think most could agree that he didn't really have anything for Okami until the knockout. Having knockout power will keep things competitive but there's just too much talent at the top.

Yushin Okami is in a completely different situation. He wasn't supposed to lose to Tim Boetsch. The fight was viewed as one to rebuild him. Now he's lost to the #23 middleweight in the world in shocking fashion and is on the first two fight losing streak of his career. He'll obviously bounce back but this one will be tough for him to come to terms with.

Watch it now, later, or never?

Are you kidding? Right now. Like immediately. Besides the main event there was no other moment as exciting as Tim Boetsch's knockout of Yushin Okami.

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