UFC 144 Results Recap: Hatsu Hioki Vs. Bart Palaszewski

via Esther Lin at MMAFighting.com

In the second fight of the UFC 144 pay per view broadcast, Hatsu Hioki showed he is an elite featherweight by winning a unanimous decision over Bart Palaszewski. The judges turned in scores of 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28 all in favor of the Japanese fighter. Hatsu Hioki showed no signs of the octagon jitters he displayed in his fight against George Roop at UFC 137.

Hatsu Hioki was able to take a dominant decision against top featherweight Bart Palaszewski. He dropped his opponent with a stiff jab early in the first and after some success striking at range he shot for a single leg and got the takedown. Once the fight was on the mat it was Hioki's game. He passed to side control multiple times, landed strong strikes to the head and body, and chained multiple submission attempts in a row. After a tough second round dictated by Palaszewski's leg kicks, Hioki took the fight over again in the third with an outside trip and more slick mat work from the top.

What was the high spot of the fight?

Hioki's submission transitions in the first round were beautiful. He switched from an armbar to triangle choke to armbar in one of the slickest chaining of submissions seen in recent history.

Where do these guys go from here?

It was assumed that with a win over Bart Palaszewski that Hatsu Hioki would earn a shot at Jose Aldo's featherweight belt. Hioki doesn't believe he is ready for the champion and wants another fight before entering the cage with Aldo. He'll likely face either Erik Koch or the winner of Dustin Poirier/Chan Sung Jung in a number one contender's fight sometime this summer.

Bart Palaszewski earned his shot against Hatsu Hioki by defeating Tyson Griffin in late 2011. As an incredibly large featherweight, Bart possesses the size to give a lot of the fighters in the division a tough fight. He won't be cut but it's doubtful that he'll receive another shot at the proverbial "big time".

Watch it now, later, or never?

Later. It wasn't a bad fight by any means but when compared to the other fights at UFC 144, it wasn't all that great.

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